South Park Season 4


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Theres this song in the episode of South Park where the kids have all the adults arrested saying they were molested.Then the town is abandoned.The song is kind of errie,like a girl vocalizing. They played it when these two adults spot a group of kids, my brother told me that they also play that song in the game Time Splitters 3. I really want to find this song so any help would be great!
South Park "The Wacky Molestation Adventure" season 4

There is a song in the South Park episode where all the parents go to jail when the kids say they were molested. The song plays a number of times and it's supposed to be pretty creepy. It's basically just a women/girl's voice and there aren't any words. I was just wondering if anyone had any idea what it might be. I've seen it on a few shows before, like How Do They Do It... but that's even harder to find out about.
ive actually been wondering the same thing, does anybody have any idea of what the song might be?