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In the ever-loved 'Cartman gets an anal probe' episode, does anyone know the song in which he's under alien control (and later, the cows are dancing) with the lyrics that go a li'l sumthin like...
"I like to sing-a; about the sun-a and the moon-a and the spring-a; I like to sing-a
'Bout the sky of blue and the tea for two...'

at which point it gets cut off. any takers?
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The song that Cartman was singing was from an old WB cartoon about a young owl named "Owl Joleson" & was a parody of the Jazz Singer!
true dat BUT

the song's called "I like to sing" available from a few different artists - Cab Calloway etc.

I used to have the south park version as a wav some years ago but i don't remember where i got it from. if you look around the interweb somewhere you'll find it. or just get the original...whatever tickles your pickle....
south park has so many great songs...if you watched the "good times with weapons" episode, then you should download "let's fighting love" which is a parody of songs used from animes.
Thank you for all the suggestions - wasn't able to find it by anyone except an artist named Marlene ver Plank - not the same song. Any idea which Calloway album? Or any other artists you can think of who recorded it? Thanks - sorry to be such a pain, but once I'm looking, I get a little obsessed.'s a fairly old school song...let me take a look around and get back to you on that...

i should be able to find out which album it's from.
South Park "Tom's Rhinoplasty" season 1

I want the song that plays as the "new" Mr. Garrison is walking down the street. It's sort of funky sounding. I only remember the words "shadow dancing."

This is also the episode where the hot new substitute teacher gets shot into the center of the sun.
That lame ass disco song is called "shadow dancing" by Andy Gibb (brother of the Bee Gees....of Saturday Night Fever fame)
In the episode where Mr.Garrison gets a nose job or some thing and his entire face changes to look like David Hasselhoff and he's replaced by a teacher who is a lesbian, and then Stan gets a crush on her. My question is what is that music that plays when ever we see Mr.Garrison is walking down the street. Its hard to describe what it sounds like.
South Park "Damien" season 1

episode where the devils son comes.. and he terrorizes everybody.. whenever they show him they play this song.. very instrumental and ye.. anybody know the name?