1. F

    2016 Honda Civic "The Dreamer"

    What is the music in the new 2016 Honda Civic commercial? It shows a red Civic jumping hoops and flying thru the air. Catchy tune with a house music kind of beat
  2. M

    2012 Honda Civic "Ninja Chase"

    Hey guys! I got a question... There's a commercial (car) where the ninja girl is flipping off buildings and finally jumps through the roof of a small car and zooms off into the night. The song even says "Ninja" in the words. Anybody knows who sings that song? Sounds like a Japanese girl band...
  3. H

    2012 Honda Civic "It's good to be a Zombie"

    I am looking for the music for a car commercial,Honda I think.There is a Zombie driving around and he goes golfing and his arms fall off.The music is sung in falsetto. Any guess's?
  4. Qorx

    Honda Civic SI "Sunrise"

    . . It's a beautiful and soothing song.... anyone knows?
  5. R

    Honda Civic Save The Earth t-shirt

    Hello Gang! It's been awhile since I last checked in but good to see the site is getting so much attention. I am looking for the song and artist of the latest Honda Civic commercial where it starts with an older honda civic car and then show a guy in a "Save the Earth" t-shirt and the shirt...
  6. C

    Honda Civic

    Can anyone ID the music in the Honda Civic commercial where people are tuning their stereo to a specific song with a slow beat heavy bass tune?
  7. doctormemory

    Honda Civic

    Sae it last Sunday night during BSG. These are the lyrics: "Sexy sexy sexy boy..." and nothing but the lyrics. The tune is also just as catchy. Logan01? farbeyond?
  8. T

    Honda Civic equalizer

    looking for the song in the latest civic commercial. equalizer image of building bumps with the beat. sounds like spanish hip hop or cuban. there are horns in the background. it's hot.
  9. A

    Honda Civic animated

    Okay, I saw this one during Charmed tonight, I used search and couldn't find this song for the Civic commercials it came up with. It's like...electronic music, it's got a good beat and the only words I could get were Oh..Oh..Oh...hey There were no words inbetween. I've heard this song at work...
  10. D

    Honda Civic SI

    Hey, Today I saw the new Honda Civi SI Commerical on tv and I must know the club music playing in the background. I've been searching to no avail. I'm pretty sure this is a very new commercial as I've not seen it before. If I recall there is a girl singing and it's definately club music...
  11. R

    Honda Civic Hybrid "Mix"

    I don't know it, i've tried searching the internet, i just don't know what to do anymore
  12. A

    2001 Honda Civic "Cut it Out"

    2001 Honda Civic "Cut it Out" Maybe 3(?) years ago, I think it was a VW commercial - red car, teenage girl driving with her friends in the car, and her little brother in the middle of the back seat, camera pans down to show him rubbing his leg up against one of the girls' legs, she screams or...
  13. C

    Honda Civic Nation 2004 SI Coupe

    What is the music in the new (?) commercial for the 2004 Honda Civic SI Coupe? The commercial is of 4 Civics and their owners in a white carwash. Thanks for any help. -Nate
  14. J

    2004 Honda Civic SI "Civic Nation"

    Theres a new Honda Civic commercial out now with two cars driving towards each other down a narrow country road, one is your average un modified sedan driven by a middle-aged man, the other is a heavily tanked orange civic with a young asian man behind the wheel. The un modded sedan is playing...