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What is the music in the new (?) commercial for the 2004 Honda Civic SI Coupe? The commercial is of 4 Civics and their owners in a white carwash. Thanks for any help.

Just wondering if any of y'all know what the tune is from the Honda Civic commercial, with the 4 people in a car wash.
Yes, if anyone finds the title/artist, please do post it here as I would also like to know what it is! The Civicnation website has no info on it at all, and it just loops one part of the song over and over on the "Pop" station. There is more of the song on the commercial, including some lyrics at the very end, which I couldn't make out (possibly in Spanish?)
yea i know this site is for sharing... but some people don't like to share. so if i ever get that song i would share it of course.. . but anyways! i found out that was made my some site or something.... so i emailed them to see if they have any info on the song. so hopefully if i get any results i'll post whatever i found out on here................
Honda Civic

:D Hi im looking for the song from a new Honda Civic ad.It shows people washing there Civic's.Thank you
If your spot has the people washing their Civics while the voiceover talks about how enviromentally-friendly their cars are, it may be "Car Wash" by Rose Royce.

But that spot's a couple of years old, so I don't know if this exactly answers your question.
Hi the ad is new ,ive seen it on Canadian T.V. i don't know if that makes a difference?.thank you.

I, too, have been looking for that song and wasn't able to find anything about it on the web. I did, however, call Honda Canada and asked if they could tell me who the artist and the song was, and the woman who I spoke with (very courteous too) called me back to tell me that the song had been specifically composed for them. Because of this, we can't get in anywhere it seems.
oh so you can't get the song. thats just great! oh well my life long search is over!
haha thanks for the post.

that's just wrong...putting such a sweet song on TV but making it impossible to get ahold of....shame on honda...shame