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Hello people. I'm new here and it looks like a great site.

Has anyone seen the new Honda Civic commercial where the kid is walking along the the beach and he walks into a girl....and it's a black honda civic in the commercial.

What's the name of the song playing in the backround?????

Thanks in advance!!
The song is "Ocean Man" by Ween. It's off of one of their very early albums, I think The Mollusk.
Well, it had to happen. I just saw a new Honda Civic ad featuring "Ocean Man" by Ween. Can't wait 'til someone uses "Waving My Dick in the Wind" in a commercial!
Thanks for the contribution! And, for reminding me that I need to post about it on the Weblog! I've had it on my "to-do" list for several days now! :blink: woops... !
That surprised me too! I am a HUGE Ween fan (saw them in concert a few weeks ago and they were awesome!). Here is what Dean and Gene Ween had to say about it (quoted from their official web site):

"If you haven't seen it yet, our song "Ocean Man" (from The Mollusk) is being used in a commercial for the new Honda Civic. It debuted during the Monday Night Football game a few weeks back and is still running. Funnily enough, we never even heard about any of this until the spot aired. Apparently they contacted some people higher up in our organization early this year to get a quote on usage of the tune and then never heard back from them again. Make no mistake though, we have no problem with getting paid by Honda. s***, Ween will play for anyone with a dollar and a gram."

:) :)
God Bless the Internet, and my Jesus his Son and Our Savior hold in his loving embrace for all time.

I have been looking for the name of the song in this MF'ing ad for weeks.

How sad that I get all my new music recommendations from car commercials these days.

Oh well.

Rock on.

I just saw this commercial last night (I live in New York) for a car commercial, some coupe like thing, but the commercial took place in the parking lot of a beach (I think; I only caught the end). This guy is doing something around the car, and at the end he almost bumps into this woman wearing a bathing suit and a sarong.

The song that's driving me crazy includes the line "was she mine"." I thought it was Ween, but now I'm not so sure... anyone have any ideas?
hey. i searched for honda commercials and i didnt see it on here so i'm gonna ask.

yeah. this commercial has a guy at a beach watching a whole bunch of hot chicks playing volleyball. he's so smitten with them, that he bumps into a honda civic. then, while admiring the civic, one of the girls bumps into him.

anyone knows the song playing in the background?

thanx in advance.
Read this Adtunes weblog entry. It's "Ocean Man" by Ween. (I think the new ads are a little different, but same song none the less. Still a guy at the beach getting distracted, etc.)
Hi! I was wondering if anyone can tell me the name of the song thats in this commercial and where I can get it.

A young guy walking down beach and there are girls playing volly ball and he bumps into this car then he stares at the car and bumps into a girl.

Can you describe the song? Any lyrics? Vocals? Genre?