1. L

    Honda Elevate "You're The Chase" India

    Hi everyone, Someone knows about agency or any information about the sound track of that ad ?: View: Thank you so much !
  2. C

    Honda Summer Clearance Event "Dance Party"

    Yea, this kinda lame TV ad was from a while ago but I'm still curious about what the artist/song is at the end....
  3. P

    2017 Honda Dream Garage Sales Event

    Anyone know the background song?
  4. F

    2016 Honda Civic "The Dreamer"

    What is the music in the new 2016 Honda Civic commercial? It shows a red Civic jumping hoops and flying thru the air. Catchy tune with a house music kind of beat
  5. B

    Honda "Not Just Smart. Street Smart."

    WHAT is the music for this ad?? It sounds very much like an old, solo Paul McCartney instrumental, but I doubt that's it.
  6. M

    Honda SUV

    Just seen it today during the Stanley Cup finals. Sounds like an oldie.
  7. K

    Honda Civic

    What is the name of the tune on the Honda commercial? It sounds like a hip hop song (it's not Ra Ra whatever). It features a rear view camera, he does a little dance and gets into the car and the guy's girlfriend looks at him and then gives him a kiss.
  8. M

    2012 Honda Civic "Ninja Chase"

    Hey guys! I got a question... There's a commercial (car) where the ninja girl is flipping off buildings and finally jumps through the roof of a small car and zooms off into the night. The song even says "Ninja" in the words. Anybody knows who sings that song? Sounds like a Japanese girl band...
  9. S

    2012 Honda Accord "Parking Lot"

    Anyone know the song in this one?
  10. H

    2012 Honda Civic "It's good to be a Zombie"

    I am looking for the music for a car commercial,Honda I think.There is a Zombie driving around and he goes golfing and his arms fall off.The music is sung in falsetto. Any guess's?
  11. M

    2012 Honda Pilot "Road Trip"

    It is Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne......drove me crazy and finally found it....enjoy!!:D
  12. D

    2012 Honda Accord "Through It All"

    Anybody have an idea what the song is in the new Accord commercial? It's not the Electric Light Orchestra one, it's the commercial that starts out with the 1970's accord on the stage. I have no idea, and can't find a video of the commercial on the internet yet.
  13. L

    Honda lineup "Awards"

    I've seen a new Honda commercial a few times recently and love the music playing. It sounds a little like Scissor Sisters but probably isn't. I think the commercial is for several Honda cars, but I definitely remember seeing a Civic. I know this isn't much to go on. I will keep looking for the...
  14. A

    2012 Honda Civic Hybrid

    I'm having trouble identifying the name of this song on this video, I was wondering if anyone has any idea who sang this song. I've been googling like crazy to no avail. Any help would be great, thanks! :)
  15. S

    Honda "Power of Dreams" Generators

    This isn't really a request for a song, just an observation. There is a Honda commercial currently airing that has a piece of music that is a soundalike for "How It Ends" by Devotchka. The instrumental version has been used in other commercials like Gerber, and was featured in Little Miss...
  16. K

    Honda CRV

    Hi, there is a new Honda CRV commercial which shows the car driving in nice weather, then in rain and then in snow. The song is sung by a female voice, does anyone know what this is? Thanks in advance
  17. L

    Honda Accord

    I think this is a commercial for the 2011 Honda Accord coup. The announcer for it keeps saying things like, "Gas milage isn't sexy, only sexy is sexy." It had a piano/electronic type of music used in it. Anyone else see it or know what song is it? I searched on YouTube but couldn't find...
  18. J

    Honda "Happy Honda Days" holiday

    Searched and did not find it on here, this ad sounds like Vampire Weekend. Is that who it is and does anyone know the title of the song?
  19. H

    2011 Honda Pilot

    Does anyone know who plays the bass guitar track in the background of this ad (the video tour) or is it just some random/generic tune ? Thanks :)
  20. S

    Honda Accord V6

    There is a current Honda Accord commercial running about the V6 accord and the last lyrics of the song playing are Here I am. Can someone help me with the name of the song/band thanks