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I'm curious as to what music is playing during the new Honda Civic commercial where the guy is driving around and his head looks like a bobble head. At the end two civics are driving off.

Thanks in advance!
I'm afraid that it was created by the agency specially for the ad:

We created the track, so you won't be able to find it anywhere. The
company that we created it through is called 'the Hive'.
Grip Limited - Marketing Magazine's 2004 Agency of the Year
I live in Toronto, and i have only seen this ad in the theatres. It has people with big bobble heads. Its for the new civic ad, contains a hip hop type track. Do you guys know what it is?
I believe your question has already been answered here. Remember to :usesearch:
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I'm starting to see a commonality with these commercials now. Seems the companies are getting a lot of people to make music especially for the commercial.
someone should contact (e-mail) honda about aquiring this track. I along with many others seem really attracted to it.