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Did anyone see the Honda Civic Coupe ad that ran during the American League Championship Series on Fox? It's been bothering me for a couple days...

It's a song I recognized, but I don't remember any words :(
Are you referring to the one that is instrumental, no lyrics... has lots of pictures of people getting hit (hockey players, boxers, etc)???

If it's that commercial I think the song may have also been used in the movie "Snatch" when Boris the Blade gets out of the trunk of car and is walking around blind (if you've seen it you'd know what I mean). It may not have been... but it sounds similar. I'll look to see if I can get a name on that... I don't think it was on the soundtrack.
I was wondering about this song as well. It is an instrumental and yes it was also in "Snatch". Does anyone know it?
I don't think it's on the soundtrack. I have both the soundtrack and the DVD though and will check the credits on the movie this weekend see if I can find something... plus, there is an import soundtrack as well (that said, I think the only difference is some soundbytes).
In one of the Civic commercials they use the song "Zorba The Greek" by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass. It's song #8 when you click the link.
I went and listened to this clip but I don't think this was the song used in this particular commercial. I'm still looking for it.
Right song, different artist. Try seraching for the same song, but performed by the Gypsy Kings. About a minute and a half into the song, the familiar part of the song that is featured in the commercial starts to play. It's kinda catchy.