Honda Civic SI


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Today I saw the new Honda Civi SI Commerical on tv and I must know the club music playing in the background. I've been searching to no avail. I'm pretty sure this is a very new commercial as I've not seen it before. If I recall there is a girl singing and it's definately club music.

hello, can you describe the commercial a bit more? i saw a new honda civic commercial, it's all red, i believe it's all computer-graphics until the end. it seems new, i've only seen it once. anyway if this is the same commercial you're thinking of i think the song you're looking for is m.i.a. - galang i really dig her music so i recognized it immediately. hope i somewhat helped.
I need help knowing what song the car commerical but i dont remember what car it is, but i know the commercial, its a red car its like computer animation kinda commercial, but the car is red and its driving on roofs like jumping on roofs, , and at the end, a crane picks up the car and the garage door opens and it lands in teh garage, i remember seeing everything red like, and the song was a girl singing, it was a fast beat dance like beat, does anyone know the song off of that commercial?????