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Okay, I saw this one during Charmed tonight, I used search and couldn't find this song for the Civic commercials it came up with.

It's like...electronic music, it's got a good beat and the only words I could get were Oh..Oh..Oh...hey There were no words inbetween. I've heard this song at work and it always bugs me. What is it?
does anyone know the name and person who does the song in the new 2006 honda civic commercial.. it's like a reaggae type song... it's the commercial where the car is hopping around on building tops...
thank you!
The song is by British rapper M.I.A and it's called Galang from the album Arular.
ive heard this group before but i cant remember their name for the life of says something like "purple haze" in the song...please help
a new animated honda civic commercial with a very vocally talented female chorus and "world mix" music.

The Anime Honda Civic races through a tunnel...up onto the ceiling of the tunnel, up the ramp of a cra trailer and then leapfroggs across the tops of several buildings and into a sewer tube hanging from a crane...
..."ah-yeah" repeatedly. In the commercial they show a silver car going down a black paved street. I really hope this song wasn't just made for the commercial.
Does the car end up in a parking garage at the end of the commercial?

I think this the same one I'm thinking of??

If it is...I swear to god, this is a knock-off of Prodigy's "Spitfire" with the woman's voice.
trailermusicgirl ...

If I'm thinking of the same ad you're thinking about ...
That was for the Nissan Altima ...
It was a nighttime ad with the car driving here and there and ending up in a parking garage spot ...
The music had bursts of aggressive guitars, tabla drum-like sounds with Middle-Eastern vocal flourishes ...
In which case, I actually wrote to Nissan and they told me that it was composed specifically for the ad ... <_<

astrojade ...

I don't have a clue whether this ad's the one you're looking for or not, so ...

Good luck finding your song! B)
DJ Eiffel

Yep Yep, it was Nissan, you're right. I swear it's a knock-off of Prodigy's "Spitfire". They varied the music just enough that it doesn't copy the song (it's less hardcore and more subdued too) I'm sure they couldn't afford the actual song or wanted a variation of it. Next time you hear the commercial, be sure to listen to the Prodigy song right after, you'll hear the similarity!

What's the song where the honda is jumping on the rooftops? It doesn't really have lyrics except for "a lang a lang a lang".
Hey all, been hearing an ad for honda civic during adult swim, kinda techno-ish, and main theme like I YA YA - any ideas? :D
I don't EXACTLY know what car it is for, but the song is something like an indian chant, or so it sounds. It sort of goes "Aya kabayee kaba...ohhhh ya....ohhhh ya"

Any info will be greatly appreciated, and once I find out what kind of commercial it is I will post it here.
The car is the Honda Civic. The artist is M.I.A. The song is "Galang". If you look closely, you'll see the word "GALANG" on the customized license plate of the Honda Civic.

Go to to find out more about her. Her whole album is so fresh and wild...and her life story is very interesting!
Does anyone know the name to the song in the honda civic commerical? Its has a female singing it, it has like a bollywood feel to it? it a 3-d commercal and it ends with the honda swinging in a poll and droping down to a garage. If anyone knows that name or the artist for that commerical THANKS YOU in advance!! :D