Honda Civic Hybrid "Mix"


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I don't know it, i've tried searching the internet, i just don't know what to do anymore
You could describe the ad and the music. What genre/type of music, lyrics, male/female vocals, etc...
I think the commercial has piano playing by itself, the rthymn starts off kind of dotted too. There are no vocals in it if I remember correctly.
In one of the Civic commercials they use the song "Zorba The Greek" by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass. It's song #8 when you click the link.
yeah, it starts out with a piano, it's the newest commercial where they combine two things to make something different
It shows a red and white flower combined to make a pink flower and other things like that.
Originally posted by ad-rock@Oct 26 2004, 06:46 AM
In one of the Civic commercials they use the song "Zorba The Greek" by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass. It's song #8 when you click the link.
it's definately not this song, this one sounds mexican. the one he is talking about is calm and has a piano playing in it, with no vocals
I'm Dying to know this music too! Registered here so I can post so I'll be notified when someone posts the music! Meanwhile..I'll keep searching..if I DO find it..I'll be sure to post it here!
Have you tried emailing or calling Honda?

Sometimes you wil get a response from these companies -- they may have commercials posted to their site -- even if they don't have the current commercial you are looking for posted to the site, you should still be able to ask them about the specific commercial.
I tried doing that with Acura one time, and they told me that it was an original composition, when it clearly was not! lol
has anyone found out the name of the piano instrumental song in the Honda Civic hybrid commercial?
Does anyone know where you can view this commercial? Because it really sounds like the Zorba the Greek song just maybe played with a piano.
the Zorba the Greek song is used in a Civic hybrid commercial, but not the one we're trying to figure out. "zorba" is in the commercial with the boxers and the cymbals crashing, its for the crash test ratings of the Civic. the commercial we're thinking of is the one that shows hybrids, of flowers, people, horses and ice cream. there is a piano instrumental that is reminiscient of a Belle and Sebastian song i've heard, but its not it. i've tried finding the commercial online but to no avail.
Ugh!!!! Why doesn't Honda put the Ad on their website and write the artist and track name!!
I've seen this commercial for the Honda CIVIC Hybrid and LOVE!! the song they play in it. It seems to be instrumental, guitar and piano only. The commercial starts off with 2 cans of blue paint--yellow is added and mixed.. then you see a metalic "wall" as the camera pans into a brown then white handle (an ice-cream "machine") then an ice-cream cone is shown with vanila/chocolate mix.. the next images are of a blue-eyed man, a brown-eyed woman then a baby with green eyes.. The melody is what makes the commercial so awesome. I have a clip of the commercial and will soon post the location--hope someone recognizes it and can tell us all what that song is..-
that would be great if you can post the link, i always look out for the commercial while watching tv. i can't remember the song too great, but it sounds like maybe they looped the beginning to Belle and Sebastian's "Night Walk". still i would like to know for sure!
The Belle & Sebastian thought was a good one - but it's not the song. It's driving me crazy too. I've written the agency that does the Honda ads in the hopes that they'll respond. I'll keep everyone posted.