2001 Honda Civic "Cut it Out"


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2001 Honda Civic "Cut it Out"

Maybe 3(?) years ago, I think it was a VW commercial - red car, teenage girl driving with her friends in the car, and her little brother in the middle of the back seat, camera pans down to show him rubbing his leg up against one of the girls' legs, she screams or smacks him or something...
I'm not sure I remember all the details quite right, but this was the gist of it.

All through it there is a very bouncy, catchy song with a single female lead vocal singing "nonsense" syllables, like boom-boom ticky-ticky, etc until a crescendo at the end where she is joined in harmony on la-la-las.

I couldn't get it out of my head then, and I never expected I might be able to find out what it was. Anybody remember?
Michelle, I think it may have been a Honda commercial. I remember seeing it. The older sister yells to the little brother, "Stop Ricky" or something along those lines.
Yeah, maybe it was a Honda commercial now that I think about it... definitely a US commercial, though.

no I'm pretty sure it wasn't Stereolab, their voices are so recognizable. but definitely something along the lines of what they do- real sing-songy, sugary, kind of jazzy. I remember at the time thinking maybe it was Yma Sumac, without ever really hearing much of what she's done. Since then, I've listened to a couple things with her singing and I think the voice in the commercial is maybe a little less "operatic" than Yma -but I am largely unfamiliar with her recordings.
I don't think it was a Stereolab song. I have a ton of Stereolab and it didn't sound like Latitia or Mary.
I found this ad on Ad-rag.com. If anyone has access to it you can check it out. It's for the Civic, from 2001, and the spot is called "Cut it out." Lyrics sound like "A Choo choo chicky chi." It sounds like it's from the 60s, kinda latin/exotica. I hope this is the same ad you're asking about. I'm still researching the music...
djflowerz, are you a member at adrag? if so can you see the Heineken "double nod" commercial and see if you can recognize that song?
I googled the lyrics and found some info. Apparantly it is the first track on this album: Beat At Cinecitta (Italian Film Score Anthology). The track is called Iena Sequence by Roberto Pregadio. No audio sample though. The tracklisting is only provided for the LP but Amazon has the CD version.

Kahu, I am a member at adrag and 'll look into the Heineken ad this evening. I don't have Quicktime on my PC at work.
Yes! "Cut it out" is it... wow!

djflowerz, you're my hero :D

All this time I was thinking it was boom-ticky and of course it turned out to be choo-chicky!