Xbox 360 "Live Your Moment"

Re: Guitar Hero: World Tour Song...

Threads merged. This was previously discussed, but still no definitive answer.
all of the xbox 360 live your moment spots have original music by robot repair. sometimes if they get enough requests they extend tracks they write for commercials into full songs. email them if you want a track you can get their email address from
If we wanna email robot repair directly, which addy should we use? I'm guessing since the TV spots were made in San Fran, then we should be emailing the LA guy?

These guys HAVE to make this track downloadable.
Aaaarrrrgh! This thread has been going on for a year now! How many posts do people have to put up before Robot Repair releases a clean version of this terrific song. I need it for my driving mix. Come on, baby! Your fans are clamoring!