Xbox 360 "Live Your Moment"

I made an account for this song and the other one for Lego Batman, you know, this one?
You would seriously make me one happy guy if you made extended versions of these songs :p
Please make an extended version available or at least make the current 30 second bit available for download as an mp3.
DIFFERENT xbox 360 "live your moment commercial"


I saw another xbox 360 "live your moment" commercial recently, i have seen the posts about the other "live your moment" commercial with the girl who has a band playing in the back of her head in which the song was by robot repair. The commercial i saw is basically the same except there's a guy playing Rock Band and it's a different song. I like this song, its got a real reverby, surfy kinda sound. Does anyone know what this is ?? is it also done by robot repair ?

Thanks in advance ...

ps. I don't know why my last thread was moved into a thread about a different commercial. ?? Some advice on running a good forum; when the question (pertaining to a certain song in a certain commercial) is answered it should be locked (so no one can keep posting). I don't get why my post was just tossed into a very general categoried thread where many topics were being discussed, very unorganized. So if i could try this again, and maybe get it answered that would be great.
Re: DIFFERENT xbox 360 "live your moment commercial"

I don't know why my last thread was moved into a thread about a different commercial. ??
Thanks for your post/suggestion. Your post has been merged back into this single thread. This has not been done to "punish" your post.

We generally keep commercials in the same campaign (especially similar ads running at the same time) merged into a single thread.

There are many reasons we do this, not the least of which is that most visitors find there way here via Google, and are less likely to read multiple threads that appear to be on the same topic, as opposed to one single thread.

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I just know i could get my question answered faster if there was one thread for each commercial, i mean my post was on the third page of a thread that was just winding down, and talking about a different commercial. They were suggesting things like "make a full version of this song" which is only relative to a certain commercial. I see what you mean by blending them together because they're of the same line of commercials, but you could just make "xbox 360 live your moment" a category, and in this category would be all the separate commercials. Just like how video game ad music is a category. Really all im trying to say is it would be much more efficient if there was one post/new forum for each commercial, and since there would be a category for a certain line of commercial (xbox 360 "live your moment") you could still google some key words and come to the category where you can look through a couple forums to find the commercial your thinking of. Instead of looking through the first page of one forum and saying, oh this forum is for a different commercial. Im sure this would work better.
Alright ... I sent a message to robot repair (specifically aaron alden). Maybe i can get some info back as to who does the song in said advertisement.
Netflix Commercial Instrumental

Does anyone know the name of the instrumental playing during the Netflix commercial with a woman smiling while sitting on a couch. The camera pans around to the back of her head where you can see what she is thinking or something.
Re: Netflix Commercial Instrumental

Yes, it is a Xbox 360 commercial that came out about September
Various postings have implied that the music ad agency Robot Repair created the ad music for all of the Xbox 360 "Live Your Moment" commercials, but that hasn't been confirmed.

Exactly, i emailed them. They haven't gotten back to me. Meanwhile i still think/know my prior suggestions would be helpful at making the forums on this site more user friendly.