xbox 360

  1. L

    Lips Number One Hits

    First off, I love this forum. It's helped me several times. I never got to say thank you because I was never registered. But thank you so much. I understand there has already been a thread about this commercial. But the ad music was by Coldplay - Viva La Vida. I have that song. The song used in...
  2. jagowar

    Xbox 360 Kinect Effect

    I know the song pixies - where is my mind. What I can't figure out is who made this particular rendition. Would love to add it to my collection. It's been asked in the comments but nobody can figure it out which likely means it was produced only for this but maybe it wasn't.
  3. H

    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

    I wanna know the name of this song.
  4. S

    Xbox 360 "Love Music"

    This is killing me and I can't figure it out: what is the name of the song on the new Xbox commercial for Guitar Hero 5 + DJ Hero combined? There is a guy with black hair on stage with a guitar in his hand, then a glass of water (or something like that) flies across the stage and then they...
  5. M


    A new trailer came out for the racing game "blur" today on It has an awesome song playing in the background, I was wondering if anyone knows the name and artist? Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  6. A

    Xbox 360 with the family on couch

    Could anyone tell me what the song is they're playing in the new Xbox 360 commercial where there are about 10 t.v. screens in front of a family on the couch? (Played in Canada on November 11th 2009.) Thanks, AmberIsland. :shifty:
  7. M

    Banned Xbox 360

    It's on youtube, if you search banned xbox's the commerical where everyone is using their hands as guns. Does anyone know the song in it? I can't figure out what the guy is saying...something about a tiger maybe?
  8. farbeyond

    Walmart Xbox 360 Arcade Guitar Hero World Tour

    This Walmart commercial showing a family playing Guitar Hero: Features the song: Pat Benetar - "Heartbreaker" Get It At:
  9. tkaa


    What is the song that is played in the beginning. When the guy starts singing to the girl. That should be the commercial.
  10. S

    Xbox 360 "Live Your Moment"

    what is the name of the song in the xbox 360 commercial, and theres a girls face and the camera pans around to the back of her head where theres a small band playing and it says "live your moment" on the screen.
  11. T

    Xbox 360 "Hide and Seek"

    Anyone know the XBox commercial with the hand claps and guitars? The commercial shows people playing hide and seek.
  12. Bloodlessr

    Anyone buy a 360? OH NOZZZZZ!!!!! :lol:
  13. T

    Xbox 360 jump rope

    ok guys...i know someone HAS to know who sings this song and the title. i hear it on the radio all the time, but i never hear the DJ say who it is.... it is driving me crazy... thanks in advance!
  14. T

    Xbox 360 water balloon

    OK, this commercial aired just now on ABC, during the first commcerical break for Lost. It's got basically an entire city playing in a water balloon war. Does anyone know the song that was playing during the commercial? Thanks!