VW Volkswagen Jetta "Synchronicity"


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VW Volkswagen Jetta "Synchronicity"

Not sure if this has been covered before or not, but I've been trying to find the music from the VW Jetta "Syncronicity" commercial in 1999. I know the tune was written by a band called Master Cylinder and the name of the song is Jung at Heart. I just can't seem to find anywhere that I can download it.

Anybody out there can help me?
What was the song that was played in that commercial that had some sort of SUV with a couple in it going down city streets (New Orleans I think). There was this great beat that was playing and everything around the vehicle was synchronized with it, like the windshield wipers, a person playing basketball, stuff like that. Please help!
Ah, I remember this commercial and would like to know myself. I haven't seen this commercial in a long time and can't remember which company it was for. If I remember, then I will post.
You're welcome! By the way, that Street Mix CD is out of print (Amazon is selling it used for 50 bucks), BUT the song is also on The Classic Chillout Album, available on Amazon new for $12!
This is gonna be a real challenge, I think, 'cos it's super-old, and was probably answered ages ago. There was a VW commercial back in the day (four years ago, maybe?) that seemed to have been shot in New Orleans (balconied buildings and wrought iron, cobblestoned streets), in which a couple are driving (possibly in a jetta) and listening to this trance-y electronica song without lyrics, and outside, all the stuff goin' on is synced up to the beat of the song (a kid dribbling a basketball, people walking, etc.) the song is really compelling - it's pretty much just melodic rhythm. I know this is vague and difficult, but if anyone and help me out I'd extra-appreciate it.
I knew it had to be around somewhere...just had to know where to look. Thanks leone! :D

You can view the commercial again here (Click the picture and a pop-up box will open. Click "reels" in the upper left. Click "play reel." It's the last commercial, "Volkswagen Synchronicity").

You can listen to a sample of the song here.
Older car commercial (hubby says maybe it was Acura?)

Two people driving down an alley. They notice all the people they see in the alley, while doing normal things(sweeping, throwing newspapers, etc.) they're doing it to a beat. It had a kind of STOMP type quality.
This keeps going till the reach an intersection, and the windshield is splashed with water, then everything is normal again.

It was a great commercial and we're dying to know what the song was for it. Any help would be fantastic. No one seems to know the commercial.
Please help! :unsure:
It was a VW Jetta commercial. I can't remember what the song was. They had one in the late 90s that used "Da Da Da" by Trio but I think that was a different ad. This one was electronic/instrumental, right?
The song was "Jung at heart" by Master Cylinder.

I think it was composed for the commercial.
Yes, that was it. A VW Jetta, huh? I'll have to tell hubby. Yeah, this wasn't "Da Da Da" cause I know that song. You're right, it was an electronic instrumental. You got it.

We loved the song. I think the commercial was after 2000.
Thanks for the info!
I'm doin a happy dance!
I love this commercial!
I haven't seen it in so long, I just sent it to my hub.

Thanks SO MUCH!!

Thanks bean914 and especially sitg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys are AWESOME!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2006!!
the original song used in the ad was called "jung at heart" by master cylinder. you can listen to the song here
It says in the latest post that and I quote, "The song is called "Jung At Heart" created by Peter DuCharme specifically for the commercial."
I need your help, people ...

A couple of years back there was a car commercial here in the States that featured a song that I've been trying to find. I don't have much information to go on, though, so bear with me:

I don't know the name of the maker or car model. It featured a couple driving together through a city; looked like it might have been maybe filmed in New Orleans' French Quarter. The background music sounds similar to trip-hop / trance-like ... instrumental; heavy on keyboards (has a drawn-out "doop-doop" type note) and drums.

All the action happening in the commercial is completely synchronized with the music. I can remember bits and pieces of it ... UPS-like delivery drivers throwing boxes, basketball players, and the car's windshield wipers ... all are synchronized to this track.

I'm thinking - and I'm probably wrong - that this is either Volkswagen, Volvo, or something similar.

If anyone knows - or can point me in the direction of finding out - please let me know.

Thanks! :p