1. C

    Volkswagen Jetta "Puzzle"

    Anyone know the song/artist for this one??? It has a nice beat and sound.
  2. D

    VW Volkswagen Jetta S

    I just saw a Jetta S commercial that, alas, I can't find online. It's some driving shots of a silver Jetta and the music is this tinny electronic keyboard chord pattern repeated. Sound like a song intro or something made just for the commercial. I know that's not much to go on, but if anyone...
  3. B

    VW Jetta Gene Kelly

    Just saw new(?) Volkswagen Jetta ad with Gene Kelly (and another fella who's name slips my mind) dancing in the back seat... need that tune NOW! Thanks, Jack
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    VW Jetta "Dream Team"

    I was searching for the video to post so I could get help with the song. I ended up finding the artist and song on It is Richard Ashcroft & The United Nations of Sound - 'Are You Ready.' Figured I would post it in case others are looking for it too.
  5. C

    VW Jetta "Another Day Another Dollar"

    In the last three days i have heard a song on a commercial car. it is a japanese car. It sounds like a country type song. I just started hearing it , this week. Can somebody help me.
  6. E

    VW 2011 Jetta

    Hey ya! I have seerching the web all day loong and I´m still looking for the artis/song of this presentation song. Video link:
  7. T

    VW 2011 Jetta

    Hi i've been looking all over for the name of this two presentation songs. One is the presentation of jetta 2011 (sounds like a trance song) PLEASE HELP ME!!:D
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    VW Volkswagen Jetta Last Edition

    Does anybody know the song from the VW Jetta Last Edition Commercial? It is a new commercial on TV filmed in England with a man driving around the country and meeting an old peasant who sells him more expensive eggs. He then washes his car and has to pay an almost double price than the original...
  9. R

    VW Jetta California Edition

    It's a new ad, and all they let you hear is the lady going do do do, so it's hard to tell what the song is. It's vaguely familiar though. It's for that Jetta California edition, and it aired this year.
  10. L

    VW Volkswagen Jetta

    its a volkswagen commercial where theres a baby in the back seat that stops crying when he hits 40 mph, good tune anyone know?
  11. S

    VW Volkswagen Jetta

    It's the one where the voiceover goes something like "once you're together, it's hard to be apart," and the guy doesn't let the valet take his car.
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    2003 VW Jetta "Aspen to Phoenix on one tank"

    Love this forum. Am grateful for answers that put an end to some recent searches that were keeping me up! This ad was one of the toughest to find the song for. Didn't find it on the search, Thought I'd post it for reference. The song is Chanty by Son Volt from Wide Swing Tremolo found here
  13. J

    VW Volkswagen Jetta

    Brand new ad for VW Jetta, cool acoustic guitar song playing, words crash, then ad resumes with same cool music. "Says on the road of life, there aredrivers and passengers. Accidents happen. nice to know the all-new Jetta....." Anybody know the song? Probably a custom-made song for the...
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    VW Volkswagen Jetta

    hi, looking for the song in the car commercial (dunno what car) where theres 3 or 4 old buisness guys and the younger driver are talking about investments and whatnot, and then the guy in the passenger seat turns on the radio and its a loud metal song with the singer screaming in the...
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    VW Volkswagen Jetta

    Just saw a brand new ad for the Jetta.. GREAT song - A couple is playing loud music in their apt, then a neighbor complains, so they buy a new house and a new subwoofer AND a new jetta! great ad! Great song! Anybody know what it is? ;)
  16. B

    VW Volkswagen Jetta

    it begins with a couple having a conversation about the colour palette in their house or something, then the "new jetta" drives by them, and then the music comes on, it's a fast catchy rock tune (no vocals)... it's similar to a song used in one of the iPod commercials, "Walkie Talkie Man" by...
  17. S

    VW Volkswagen Jetta "Big Day" wedding

    i was wondering if anyone knew the song of a car commercial. unfortunately i don't remember what car it's for, but in the commercial the guy is trying to stop a wedding. the music sounds kinda french. i remember seeing the commercial a while ago, but they don't seem to play it anymore.
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    VW Volkswagen Jetta "Synchronicity"

    VW Volkswagen Jetta "Synchronicity" Not sure if this has been covered before or not, but I've been trying to find the music from the VW Jetta "Syncronicity" commercial in 1999. I know the tune was written by a band called Master Cylinder and the name of the song is Jung at Heart. I just can't...
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    VW Volkswagon Jetta Ben different sized feet

    There is a new Volkswagen Jetta commercial that chronicles the life of a guy with two diferent sized feet. It has a simple piano track in the background, I am wondering if anyone knows the name of this song. Thanks! -John