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i was wondering if anyone knew the song of a car commercial. unfortunately i don't remember what car it's for, but in the commercial the guy is trying to stop a wedding. the music sounds kinda french. i remember seeing the commercial a while ago, but they don't seem to play it anymore.
It's a Volkswagon commercial. The song is called "One million miles away." and is by J. Ralph. You can actually go to http://www.jralph.com to hear it. I was obsessed with finding this song when the commercial was aired. Fortunately VW had the commercial and the song info on their website at the time.
Does anyone remember that song in the volkswagen commercial, its got a techno kinda vibe to it. The guy is driving the car in the country on some curvy roads. The commercial may be a little older, i know its not recent. thanks
Its possible you are talking about a commercial featuring the Volkswagen Jetta, where a groom is driving to his wedding, and the song is "J. Ralph - One Million Miles Away"

Glad to be of service
There is this one song that has been bugging me for the past month. I'm pretty sure it was in a commercial, it sounds like the style of moby's porcelain. It starts off with just instruments, like strings (maybe there is a piano too) and some sort of a beat and there are bells (like church bells- which will be represented by "ding"). ding la la la la la la la lala ding la la la la la la la la lala ding (the beat is kind of syncopated, like porcelain). Then a woman's voice comes in, it sounds operatic, I don't think she was singing in english, probably Italian. I'm not sure if it is before the woman's voice comes in or after, but at one point in the song, all the music stops except for the beat. I know I've heard this song in commercials (and maybe even in movie trailers, i don't know) and i can just imagine the commercial being in black and white and slow motion, with someone blinking to the beat of the church bells(maybe i'm just thinking i remember but i hope that was how the real commercial was). I don't know if it was for perfume, cars, or what but I'm thinking the commercial aired a couple years ago. I know this is pretty non-descript and I'm sorry. I really hope someone out there can help me :) !
I think I know what you're talking about... if I remember correctly, the song was in a commercial where this guy was racing to this girl's wedding only to find out that she was marrying someone else (I think)... it was a car commercial...

maybe that bit of information will help other people
michelle and fashionfaux-pas!! you guys rock!! i can't believe that you actually got the song with the crappy information that i provided!! that's so weird, i actually know what commercial you guys are talking about too... the guy in that commercial was on friends.. haha, you would think that i would have remembered the music too if i remembered the people in the commercial. yea, so i guess it wasn't in black and white :p thank you so much! I literally thought i was going to go insane! thank you thank you thank you.... :lol:
Thank you so much for this website and this answer! I've wondered ever since I saw that commercial what that song was! NOW I KNOW!!! Thank you so much! :D
Originally posted by leece25@Oct 13 2004, 11:26 AM
i actually know what commercial you guys are talking about too... the guy in that commercial was on friends.
Kevin Rahm is the actor in the Volkswagen wedding commercial.

Link to the 30 sceond spot.
The actual title of the commercial is "Big Day."
featuring the great song by J. Ralph - One Million Miles Away.

The link to the 60 sceond spot.

However he was not on Friends.
-- he was on the show Jesse (1998) playing Dr. Daniel "Danny" Kozak [ Season 2 ]
Maybe you thought that I meant he was a reoccuring character on "Friends." Then I agree with you (Twix), he was not. He was, however, a guest star. Kevin Rahm was on the episode of friends where he played Monica's sous-chef, Tim, and was going out with Pheobe. Monica wanted to fire him because he kept setting fires and caused problems and Pheobe wanted to break up with him because, if I remember correctly, he was too needy and clingy. They felt bad and didn't want Tim to go through both the firing and break-up at the same time so Monica and Pheobe try to each do it first. I rembered him from the commercial and then later, I saw him in commercials for "Judging Amy." I just checked tv tome and it does say he was on an episode of "friends." I also wanted to thank you for supplying the link to the actual commercial, I was looking for it :D
I stand corrected -- he was on Friends --
playing Tim - in episode "The One With Rachel's Date" (2001) --

says so right under "Guest Starring Roles" on his page.

I did see that episode and it was pretty funny.
Okay, this is a little old, but it's been nagging at my brain and I fear that if left unresolved, I will go even more insane than I already am.

Anyhow, the commercial starts out with a guy driving in a car. He appears to be blond, though it is difficult to be certain since it is all filmed in black&white; and rather good-looking. There is some kind of soft music playing in the background; a female singer in some european-sounding foreign language, and a repeating "ding dong" of a wedding bell. Moving along, he gets trapped behind a train en route to the wedding of his (presumably) sweetheart, because he apparently objects to said union. Trapped in the traffic, we see him silently screaming in frustration at his inability to get to his destination. When he finally gets to the church, there is a silent and akward pause, and a look is exchanged between the two. Then it ends, and there is some brief message who's contents I cannot recall. FIN

What is the music? It was beautiful and has haunted my mind since I first saw it.

Tell me now!!

"one million miles away" by j. ralph. audio sample available here, track 1. Also available for download from .
This is my second post today. I checked the archives the best that I could. No one seems to have asked for these and I am having problems actually finding the artist for this song. The link is http://therumormill.com/ and the commercial is entitled "Big Day" under Volkswagen after clicking on Selected Work at the bottom of the screen. There is also another song that I am mesmerized by on this same section by Monster. It has two samples and they have the same background. I love the melody it is calming to me. I really would appreciate all assistance. The people on this site are spectacular and investigating these things. Good luck.
This is my first post. I think your answer can be found here. Can't seem to find a sample clip to this song (One Million Miles Away). However, I believe this is what you seek. Anyone have a link?
You can also hear the song at J. Ralph's (aka as Joshua Ralph, Spy, owner of The Rumor Mill) site here.