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There is a new Volkswagen Jetta commercial that chronicles the life of a guy with two diferent sized feet. It has a simple piano track in the background, I am wondering if anyone knows the name of this song.

I was interested in it as well.. you can check here for it in the future (probably too new to be on the website yet). Volkswagon is one of the companies who actually tell you the artist and song title.. so yeah, give em a week or two I guess, they'll most likely have it up there. :)
if anyone found the name of the song in the new jetta commercial where the boy it born with different sized feet. that person has got to be the best songs from commercials....finder..type person? ever!
I really like that one, That was the greatest Piano music ever.

Hope that piece is found.
I just wanted to say that I, too, am searching the internet high and low for the music from the new Jetta commercial (the guy with different sized feet). No promising leads yet, but I'm still looking! I will pass along any information I find... :D
Well, VW is still way ahead of so many of the other companies that seem to rely on drawing attention to their ads by using catchy music we inevitably all fall in love with... At least VW has a section devoted to their commercials and they seem to have a policy in giving credit where credit's due, you know?

It is strange though that they haven't updated in awhile... and what they have updated with, I've never seen those ads on tv. Kind of weird. :(
I doubt anyone can find this song since it's just instrumental.
Although if anyone knows the song playing in it will you please tell me because I like it.
sry i dont have any help to offer but i am hooked on the tunes 4 vw ads now, this commercial along with the acting was really amazing. im also fascinated by the works of the whistling tune for the jetta commercial where the relative takes the kids out for a drive and after he stops at numerous places and exhausts them the parents say, "how does he do it?" adtunes is da bomb!
The music might've been specially composed for the commercial also, if so, you might have a lot of trouble finding it.
i've tried everything to search for more info on the music played in that commercial.
if anyone knows, please let me know!!
The name of the commercial is The Story of Ben and the song is by Josh Ralph and is called Bombardment Society Theme. It's been driving me nuts - emailed volkswagen to find out.
Thanks for tracking that down! Do you know where the song can be found? Is it on an album?

Thanks again!

His site also features the VW Wedding commercial music I believe the song is called "One Million Miles Away"
if anyone happens to be able to find the song pleease tell us where you found it
i doubt there is a full length version of the song right now. j. ralph produces a lot of music that is only for use in ads. he's got one cd out, but only one song (one million miles) on the cd was actually from an ad (that i know of).
Does anyone know the song from that Jetta commercial where the guy has one foot that is larger than the other? At the end, after returning his size 10 and size 13 bowling shoes, he exits the bowling alley and gets in his Jetta and drives away. It's a techno song.
Where can I obtain Bombardment Society Theme the audio or video clip? If anyone has it plz email me.