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Brand new ad for VW Jetta, cool acoustic guitar song playing, words crash, then ad resumes with same cool music.

"Says on the road of life, there aredrivers and passengers. Accidents happen. nice to know the all-new Jetta....."

Anybody know the song? Probably a custom-made song for the ad... :huh:
the chords that the song uses are VERY similar to the opening chords of "Question" by Old 97's.

check it out on iTunes or at the Walmart Music Store...

unfortunately vw hasn't added the commercial to their website yet...
Can we shed a little more light on this one? It is definitely not "Question" by the Old 97s.
So, has anyone figured out this song yet? I even asked my local VW dealer, and nobody there could tell me who it is.
I e-mailed VW a few weeks ago and they repiled with this:

The title of the commercial is "Crushed" and the featured music is
entitled "She's an Angel" by John Adair w/Emoto Music.

If anyone locates it or even a clip to make sure this is it, please post!
I guess this means it's a custom piece for the commercial then? I was hoping there was more to the song than what was used in the ad. Oh well, it's still a nice little ditty. :)
2006 Jetta Accidents Happen

I've been seeing a spot for the new 2006 Jetta. plain white background and they show the new 2006 Jetta with some cool music in the background (does VW ever play crappy music in their commercials?)

mellow, laid back tune and the theme seems to be "accidents happen"
just wondering if anyone knows the name of the song.

thanks, I tried using the search feature and wasn't able to find anything, but yeah, that's it.

wonder if VW will release it like they did with Jung At Heart.
Also, in 'Strong Enough' by Sheryl Crow, the guitar playing is very similiar. I originally thought it was her, not that guy! Thanks for posting the link to his site.
There is a commercial with an all black screen and some white typing.
Then there is a "crash" with the letters and the words get kind of crunched.
The song was a solo acoustic guitar, anyone know the name?
the song I am thinking of goes .. When we're all through, when we're killed or cured.. barely heard.