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I'm wondering if anyone knows who sang the song for a VW bug commercial (circa 2000), that sounds like Liam Gallagher from Oasis is singing. It might not be him singing, but it's reminiscent of his voice. I unfortunately do not remember the tune very well! It's kind of electronic music. I just remember that there was a green bug in the ad. I tried to look it up on the vw site but couldn't find it. I know this was a long time ago already, but I thank you in advance if anyone knows what I'm looking for!
:D Kris
Thank you sophist, but that 's unfortunately not it (although that's a good song too!) Oh well... I wish I could remember some of the lyrics, that would probably help a lot!
Do you remember any other details about the ad besides the green bug? I remember they had some of those ads with just a white background and the bugs swirling or moving around to the music, with Jeff Goldblum doing the voiceovers.

edit: Although, now that I think about it -- I might be confusing the VW ads with ads for Apple! :lol: (I think Goldblum did some VW ads too though, right?)
"One Million Miles Away" by Spy (a.k.a., J. Ralph)??
:( thanks you guys, I checked out all of those songs, but I still couldn't find the song I was thinking of! It wasn't a very interesting ad, just this green bug spinning around, as far as I remember. I looked at the VW site (thnx again sophist) but they mostly have "interesting" ads there! It wasn't an ad featuring actors or anything. This commercial was played A LOT in the Southwest U.S., I'm pretty sure it was between 2000-2001 , or possibly early 2002. The vocal part is pretty brief, and none of my friends remember what it said either, but they do remember the ad. I remember seeing a New Beetle ad with 808 State's song "Little Fluffy Clouds" in the same year. I know that probably doesn't help! Thank you all so much, but I'm worried that I'll never find out what it was. I wish I had known about this site back then!!
OOps, I meant The Orb, not 808 State for the Fluffy Clouds song...
I was just about to suggest "Fluffy Little Clouds."

Here's a collection of songs from various VW Bug ads from the past few years. I don't have a description of the ad, just the list of songs... Maybe it's one of those?

Spiritualized -- "Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space," audio sample track 1

Rinocerose -- "La Guitaristic House Organisation," audio sample track 1

Pitchshifter -- "Subject To Status," audio sample track 5

Hooverphonic -- "Renaissance Affair," audio sample track 10

The Roots -- "Dynamite!," audio sample track 6

Fluke -- "Absurd," audio sample track 1

Stereolab -- "Parsec," audio sample track 8
Thanks michelle! I think it may actually be the Fluke song. The sample didn't have enough of it to hear the lyrics, so I'll do some searching around for a copy of it. I hope that the mystery has finally been solved!
I finally found it! I guess I was wrong about it sounding electronic because once I heard Hurricane #1's song: "Step Into My World" I knew that was it! I was actually looking for a full version of the Fluke song when I came across a website that detailed some of the earlier vw ads. This song is on the "if you missed the 80's" vw bug commercial.
Thank you all so much for your help! :D
Hello everyone who is reading this, even the socially inept. This is an old commerciala nd i know that you can all remeber it if you think hard enough. It must have benn more than 5 yrs ago, i think it was a volkswagon commercial, the song sounds like oasis, definatly liam, an may include the word revolution. Any help?
Hurricane #1 "Step Into My World." You can listen to an audio sample of the song here, track 3.