Volvo S40

Did a little more research and I found it!

It is "Andreas Johnson - Glorious" and it is off the album "Andreas Johnson - Liebling"

thanks for naming the song & artist!

i had been wondering who sang it ever since it came out in a promo for the nbc show Boomtown.

thanks! :-D
I know this isn't very discriptive but I'll post more once I see it again I just know that theres a person in a shark cage and then the cage turns into a car and gets put on a road then the music starts playing if anyone knows what I'm talking about then I would be more than happy if you added details but I just would like to know what the song is.
There's a new Volvo commercial out, I can't remember the model, but I think it's a silver station wagon. At the end of the commercial, you can hear just like 2 lines of this song... I vaguely remember it... it's a rock/alt-rock type song with string accompaniment (violins etc), male singer. Very pretty song, I think it came out a few years ago and got moderate radio play but I can't remember the title or artist. Anyone?

**Answered my own question... I found a posting a few pages deep with the answer. In case anyone is looking, the song is "Glorious" and the artist is Andreas Johnson.
No, I know that song (and love it), it isn't that... though the description does fit perfectly :)
hmm well in relation to the song how would you describe it? Harder Faster slower etc.?
Originally posted by Hawk@Oct 3 2004, 11:56 AM
hmm well in relation to the song how would you describe it? Harder Faster slower etc.?
the answer is in the first post ;)
title should be modified then
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Song is "Glorious" by Andreas Johnson. Link goes to available audio sample, track 1.
New Volvo Ad. Background music, no vocals. Also featured on an HBO promo about a year and a half ago and an NBC ad for whatever crime drama featured the event from about 3 different perspectives??? Can't think of the name. Rockish/orchestral background and at some point it features the lyrics, "Bringin' me down...". Sounds a bit like Oasis but I CANNOT come up with this artist/title.