A long shot on a hulu commercial for something home related or insurance, or similar "I'm Coming Home"


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I was barely in the room, but I am sorry I missed it, it had some slower bits with lyrics like "you are home" and at the end, it got a bit more driving and repeated "i'm coming home"...if anyne can help me sleep tonight by solving this mystery, I'll be forever in your debt! Thanks!
I really wish I could remember, it was almost like a dream, as soon as it was over, it seemed to be impossible to remember? I think it was a bit folky, but modern, not Appalachia style? The first part "you are home" was repeated, and was rather quiet and slower, but the "I'm coming home picked up and had some guitar/banjo backing it? I am beginning to wonder if I didn't just make it all up...the song above doesn't sound right, but thanks!