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Hi everyone,

I was watching a show on the History Channel tonight and several times viewed a Volvo S40 commercial with people parachuting then changing into Volvo S40 cars. The song in the background is an instrumental, but I know I've heard the song with lyrics on the radio. The lyrics are by a guy with a high pitched "woooo ooooh ooooooh woooo" along with "Lettin' me in/Checkin' me out/" and I can't remember the rest :) I've checked and this commercial isn't up there. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

I saw this commercial, too! I was wondering the same thing. A google search has revealed nothing. It is an amazing song!
I saw it tonight too! It was played during the War of 1812 special on the History channel. Searching the internet has provided me nothing as well. Perhaps the commercial is too new. I remember hearing the song on the radio a while back and never getting the title (damn worthless radio jockeys). The instrumental is from a 007 Bond movie (much in the same way Robbie Williams used an instrumental from You Only Live Twice for his song Millennium). And the previous post has the lyrics from the song exactly right. We're close. Does anyone out there know the name of the song?!?
Just call me the man! I found an awesome search engine which helped me find the song by simply entering in the lyrics that psionicdream listed (well, slightly modified lyrics... checking me out instead of checkin' me out, and bringing me in instead of lettin' me in) and came up with... drumroll please... a song by Andreas Johnson off the album Liebling. The song's name... Glorious. The wonderful website that helped me find the song... Ah, and just like that the song which I couldn't find years ago I found tonight at 3:42 in the morning. Thank you internet. I'd hug your beam of light and energy if I could. But since I can't, I'll just give my modem a pat. Send me some love y'all who searched for the song.
You can check on the song by visiting They have a sample of the reprise. What you hear in the commercial is on the tail end of the song which is just a sample of the reprise without the lyrics. Hmm, wonder if the rest of the album is any good...
Thanks, bluestreak03! I was thinking about the song this morning and remembered the lyric at the end, with Andreas singing "Glorrrrrrioussss!" but I could not for the life of me remember who sang it. Thanks for checking this out, and also for the site!

Good job, Bluestreak. :peace:

"Glorious" was also used for a "Sundays on HBO" promo a few years ago. Link goes to available audio sample, track 1.
That's where I first heard the song. The HBO promo was actually pretty sweet with the Sopranos and OZ on it. Good memory!
Theres a song on the new volvo commercial that i'd heard maybe 3 to 5 years ago in a store, never on radio. The original might have had words but this one doesn't. the chorus is a long descending line, for music nerds its 1 M7 6 M3 5 4 1 3, or close to it. Its for the XC90. Round of applause to whoever finds it.
I saw the same commercial tonight and immediately came to this forum to figure it out...I actually found the answer a few pages into this forum; another member has the answer all ready.

If it's the same ad I saw, then it's Andreas Johnson, "Glorious". (I first heard it as a breaks remix by Hybrid, for fans of electronic/dance music...but the original is great too.)

I can't claim any credit for discovering the answer here, but I thought I'd let you know...
I would appreciate someone's help in finding out the music to the new Volvo SUV ad. I've typed various text queries into Google but still get info on Paul Oakenfold(??). The music to this ad is not hip-hop or Dance. It sounds like a band from the early nineties. It's a cheesy keyboard backing sound. Anyone out there familiar with this one. Sorry I can't remeber the exact seems like everytime it comes on I'm in the shower or in the kitchen making coffee. And it's such a short ad too. tia :)
I saw the commercial last night and immediately recognized it. I had bought the CD a few years back since I loved the song so much. It's Andreas Johnson from Sweden. The track is 'Glorious' and the album is 'Liebling'. It was released in 1999 in Europe. I'm in the US and had to get it from the UK but it's since been released here (2001). A good album. He released another album in 2002. See the following link for some samples:

Have fun.
Thank you nixage. I'm checkin' it out right now. Much obliged. :)
Ahh I love the album Liebling. He released the song a few years ago and I was shocked when I heard it used for the commercial.
Description of the commercial:
"You think about the things people do to persue their passion."
Shots of a woman scuba diving in a Volvo-shaped shark cage. Cage morphs into a real XC90 driving down a coastal highway. This is not "Sightings", "Happens Fast", Seven", or "Conscience". If it follows the pattern, it's probably called something like "Passion". I've seen it on US daytime and primetime network TV for the last couple weeks. There's a lease deal slug at the end with September dates.

Description of the song:
Orchestra, instrumental. Mostly hear the violin way out front. It's a series of notes going downscale. Very... melancholy. There's some cello in there, I think, and maybe an upright bass. No drums, woodwind, or brass that I noticed. This is not the bg music identified from any of the other XC90 ads.

Really not much to go on, I know. Anyone got any ideas what the tune is?

--TV Diva
I know the song you're talking sounds so familiar, like a song from early 90's? An orchestral composition thats part of a bigger song? It's driving me insane though. I've been playing it in my head all day trying to remember the original if I can remember some lyrics or a voice, I've got it!
Does anyone out there know?

Also, I think I may have heard this song on an HBO promo showing clips from their original series' and various movies.
Totally agree with you. It sounds like a snip from the middle of a bigger piece. Possibly even something that, itself, is not orchestral and instrumental. At the end of the looped notes, I kept thinking that there should be vox starting up right there. Of course they don't. But, like, if it just went one bar further, I'd have it. Just a tiny bit more... Argh, right? :) Don't recall having heard it on an HBO promo, etc., but maybe a movie trailer. Then again, HBO's just as likely as anything else since the song is totally familiar to me and I can't figure out why at all anyway. :p

Exactly, yes. It sounds like something Coldplay might do. I thought that, too. But I listen to those guys, and I don't recognize this piece. Like Sadie said, it's on... the... tip... of...! :)

Thanks for trying! Any other flashes of brilliance or inspired commercial jingle idiot savant moments, holler, ok? This is absolutely driving me crazy!

--TV Diva
I too have heard this song and it's just on the tip of my tongue. I also remember it being used to advertise the short lived series "Boomtown" on NBC (if that is of any help). They used a different section of the song. It was someone (it sounded like a man), vocalizing along to the melody you heard from the string section. Hope this helps someone figure it out. :confused:
I recognized the track as soon as I heard it but not the same version. I've got a track by Hybrid in my collection called "Splendid" that is a remix/rework of the song in the volvo commercial. The two major differences are that Hybrid's version is a breakbeat and there is also a catchy male vocal in it.

Unfortunately, there are no credits to the original artist because I think Hybrid could not get permission to use it and this is probably why it's a whitelabel.

Maybe you guys should give it a listen because one of you might recognize the artist.

The release is called "Hybrid - Bumpin' Beats (Bubz 002) - Whitelabel-vls-2002-2db"

and the track is called "Hybrid - Splendid"