Volvo circa 2001-2002


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Ok guys... I posted previously regarding this ad from volvo. The song has a nice and steady beat with slow synths now and then. I think it was the ad for the 2001 or '02 S40. I remember hearing a promo for the S40 with the same tune, and it mentioned something about ladders in life or something like that... It isn't the dust brothers' "stealin' fat" nor DFP's "une very stylilish fille" nor oakie's "starry-eyed.."

Please help, need to lay this to rest... I WANT THE SONG!!!!!
Yeah, actually I've tried it long ago and I'm sorry to report it isn't it... You know what happens when a song drives you mad LOL!!!!!
I got an audio grab from a volvo commercial I'm not sure if this is the one you mean though. Click Here to listen I can't help you out with the music sorry I don't recognise it. But I can tell you that this advert was titled "Security" and was done by Euro RSCG MVBMS Partners if no one recognises it maybe you could contact them.

I've got something similar on vynal somewhere might be a Prodigy remix of Skylined I'll see if I can dig it out.

Sorry if this isn't the one you mean.
I recognize this song... It's Nortec Collective, and Volvo gave them their big break. Unfortunately this is not it... Seems that this one will remain an unsolved mystery :D. Thanx for your help guys, I'll keep on looking (hope I can count on you too).
Yes Nortec Collective sorry 'admusicbuff' thats the one I thought you meant. I haven't listened to that track for years now. Any chance you can get an audio grab as I can't find this commercial, have you tried either Adforum or Adland? They can be a good source of archived adverts.
OK my fellow music lovers... I got a minor flashback! I took Rob's suggestion and visited adforum. I might be looking for the music from their promos "Turtle" and/or "Forward". If anyone feels like taking a crack at it, go ahead!


Update!!!! Got a heads up from Rob and I am positive I'm hunting for the "forward" ad music.