1. E

    Volvo Trucks Jean-Claude Van Damme "The Epic Split"

    Hey everyone! New here and Swedish, so I thought of presenting myself and pretty darn good TV commercial - with a song that will take any bad feelings away from you :) Volvo have really picked up the game in marketing now of their new commercials. They had another commercial for the release...
  2. D

    Volvo Self Driving Car promo video

    Looking for the song in the beginning of this video, no luck searching for lyrics. Unrelated, the future is coming!
  3. A

    2011 Volvo XC90 Diplomat Sales

    I'm trying to find a rather obscure song, featured in a 2011 or 2012 ad for the Volvo XC90, advertising discounted prices for diplomats. You can see it here: I've searched by the lyrics, and can't find them anywhere. They go like, "Early morning, a new born day, always full of grace ... we...
  4. S

    Volvo S60 IIHS "Crash Test"

    Looking for the music in this commercial if anyone knows. Thanks.
  5. K

    Volvo S60 R-Design "Little Red"

    Does anyone know who does the version of "Little Red Riding Hood" in the recent volvo ads? Thanks in advance
  6. S

    Volvo v50 and v70

    someone please indicate me the name of this song
  7. nmichave

    Volvo S60 "Wrestler"

    Can anybody confirm this background music? The comments on YouTube suggest one song, then it's negated by another comment. Haven't seen any more info on this commercial. Thanks!
  8. K


    Does anyone know the title and artist who does the new volvo commercial? It's the one with the two women exchanging clothing back and forth between the two red Volvos. Thanks
  9. R

    Volvo "Protected" Safe and Secure Coverage Plan

    I wish I could search by lyrics, you can tell that proves difficult hahaha. So I am enlisting the help of all the experts here to wave your magic wands and find what this is! :D Thanks!!!
  10. A

    Volvo 850 Turbo Sportswagon vs BMW 328i commercial

    Hey Everybody - New to the site - really need help. I've been looking for this ad for awhile - it is the reason why I am in advertising. It is an ad for the 850 Estate/Touring Edition or 850 Turbo Wagon from Volvo. If I can find a copy of this ad - if we ever meet I'll buy you a beer. Please...
  11. L

    Volvo C30

    I'm looking for the song that is the hip hop or drum and base beat that is in this ad: thanks for any help!
  12. A

    Volvo S60 Concept What music plays in this video?
  13. L

    Volvo Twilight Saga New Moon

    The new volvo ad featuring clips from new moon...any ideas?
  14. L

    2011 Volvo S60 blind artist

    Anyone knows the name of this song, or the artists? This is the trailer: All-new Volvo S60 - Blind Preview - Trailer and the four minutes documentary: 2011 Volvo S60 Previewed To A Blind Turkish Artist I love it. Thanks!
  15. M

    Volvo S40 "Grow Together"

    Can somebody please help me locate the exact song from this video. Thanks
  16. F

    Volvo XC60 "Love Hurts"
  17. S

    2010 Volvo XC60

    Hello. Looking for the music featured in the latest Volvo ad for the 2010 XC60. I've seen two of them so far,using the same music. The ads I think are originally Swedish,because they're clearly dubbed-over, so that may be clue. The music in the ad may also be heard at the XC60 website...
  18. C

    Volvo C30

    The commercial uses the same woman that has appeared in the ads for the Volvo S80. She walks around the passenger side of the car and a man walks around the other side of the car and then they get in the car. The music is sung by a male indie singer. The song is pop-folk sounding. I've searched...
  19. M

    2008 Volvo

    it's the new Volvo S80 luxury sedan commercial with the woman in a beige dress and the lyrics go something like "they're something in the way you move" if anyone could help it would be appreciated. This song is stuck in my head.
  20. P

    1993 Volvo Donald Sutherland

    Back in late 1993 or early 1994, there was a Volvo commercial on TV and it had this most wonderful, haunting music to it and I've been trying to find it ever since I gained access to the internet back in 1995 with no luck whatsoever. ANY help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!