Volvo S40 "Video Game"


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Volvo S40 "Video Game"


Does anyone know what group did the music for the new Volvo S40 Video Game commercial. It's a hard electronic-rock thing and it's AWESOME!


Atlas Plug - 2 Days or Die

Microsoft apparently also liscensed this song for the cinematic opening of the game "Rallisport Challenge 2", which I believe is what the footage of this commercial is supposedly mimicking.

You can hear samples of the entire album at

I apologize if this question has already been answered, I've searched the forums and haven't found the answer, so I'm asking...Anyway, I'm looking for the song that was on a car commercial, it's not and old commercial, but it's been on for a while. I'm not positive what kind of car it is (I think it's a BMW 3 Series, not sure though), but it's red, and the whole commercial looks like a racing game commercial. When I first saw the commercial, I thought it was a videogame ad, but it's actually a car ad. Anyway, it's a very cool rock tune, and if anyone knows what song it is, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!!
I don't think so. This commercial actually looks like a racing "game". It's not a real car driving around in the commercial. It's a pixelated 3D model (looks good though) in a pixelated 3D an actual video game. At the end, an animated 3D driver steps out of the car wearing a helmet feeling exhilarated after a good drive. Like I said before, when I first saw the commercial, I thought that it was an ad for a new video game, but it actually turned out to be a clever ad for a car...
I cant Help with the song, But I do know the commercial he is talking about is for Volvo's New S-40.
I wrote a Weblog entry about the latest Volvo S40 ad, and that one is definitely not a "video game" type ad.
It's definitely not the song that you mentioned in the weblog, it's more of a rock song. The car might be the Volvo S40, but not the wagon model.
I am almost positive its this Commericial, Tagline: Its still Built like Volvo, but the Name of the commercial is "Video Game"
Thank You, Thank You!!! I can't believe I missed that post, I searched everywhere in the forums...well, I guess not everywhere! That band's music is really cool, I highly recommend you check it out!! I was happy just to find the one song, but the whole cd is quite cool!... B)
Oh, sorry, just in case any of you didn't click the links above to see where the song came from, it's by "Atlas Plug" and the song is called "2 Days of Die"...good stuff...
Car commercial with preacher sample

This is sort of a backwards request, but I'm hoping you guys can help me out again. A couple years ago (2003-2005) there was a car commercial with the above song. It's sort of a dramatic Overseer-style techno-rock piece. I found the title of the song in an existing thread here and acquired it, but now, years later, I don't know the artist or title. It was easier back then, because I knew the model of the car advertised.

I think that it was either a Mitsubishi or Toyota commercial, but it's even possible it was a video game commercial at this point. I've searched for over an hour, but nothing comes up. I don't think that it's a big-name artist, and I think the artist name starts with an A, but I'm not 100% on that.

Let me know if you have anything to jog my memory or if you can identify the awesome song.

Known lyrics (No results from google):
Can I get a witness in the house?
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Oh, we love it, we love it, we love it!

Re: Identify this song! Older car commercial

I've been trying to figure this one out, but have been unable to.

Does anyone have any ideas about this ad or song that samples the preacher?
Re: Identify this song! Car commercial with preacher sample

Pretty sure [unintelligible] = "glory, glory, glory to God"

Not sure if this is that helpful, but there's this concert clip that sounds like it samples the same "Can I get a witness in the house?" line ~1:40, though the background instrumentation doesn't sound the same. It's says the artist is Fedde Le Grand.
Re: Car commercial with preacher sample

Just in case anyone else is searching for this (or the lyrics, which still aren't anywhere online), I finally found it a year and a half later. A belated thank you to everyone here for your help.


Atlas Plug - 2 Days Or Die