2005 Volvo S40


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:huh: i cannot find anything on it at all anywhere.. does anyone know its for one of hte new 2005 volvo vehicles its got some dude screamin... or somethign the lyrics...

okay its for the 2005 s40
male voice...
people dancing around their volvos..... :blink:

and its NOT The dialated peoples song OR the video game one! its the NEWEST one just came out...
I am looking for the music of this Volvo S40 commercial as well. It is a Rock song and it is not available at Volvo US website.

Any help is appreciated.

Found it.

It is called "Place Your Hands" and it is by Reef.

Im looking for a song that was in a new toyota commercial, it goes "ruunn your fiinnggerrss through my soouulll" and goes on and its cool, if you know please help.
can someone help me please regarding the new vovlo s40 commercial
i dont know the name of the song or the artist but it goes kinda like this
land your hands on my hole... run your fingers through my sole
I checked the forum archives...it seems im looking for a different song than "glorious".
the lyrics and vocals are like from a Maroon5 type band. Riffy guitar and male vocal..."lift your head up...lift your head up....(might be hands not head).
Can anyone help? volvo car commercial

i been looking for this tune on the new volvo commercial

got something like " god bless your heart" in a very raspy voice

can anyone tell me what it is

yes i used the seach :p


ok i found it lol

place your hands not bless your heart
well,happy you find it , heu, may you tell me the name of the artist thankz
Hey...it's a song on a car commercial, which i think is toyota. Its a male singer and the chorous goes something like 'put your hands up put your hands up' I think its a relatively new ad as i have only seen it 3times and twice was at the cinema. anyone help me out on the title/artist of the song?
Sorry - the other posting on this ad was really vague. The commercial has a silver car ( I think it's silver) and a girl in a white touque running around it. The other posting said the artist was "Reef" ...is that right? What's the song title?

Thanks for the help
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The song "Place Your Hands" by Reef can be found here, audio sample track 1.