Travelers Insurance "No Worries"


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Hey all I was wondering if anyone knows who did the song for this commercial or at least any other musician who plays similar music.


THX a bunch!!!!
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I suspect it was written for this ad
a company called Fallon likely made the ad , you could try writing to them.
if you go back and read the comments on youtube there are two suggested artists
Stuff Smith or Stephane Grappelli (jazz violinists).
Re: help! Travelers Insurance - No Worries

That would be a real bummer man, I'm starting to dislike this whole custom music thing that they're doing with ads...
I am pretty sure this is from Hot Club of Cowtown. They are one of my favorites.
Troutfish takes the cake...

Just got off the horn with Michael @ Fallon (the agency that did that commercial) and he told me that Robert Miller of Stimmung composed that music specifically for the commercial...which blows, but at least there is closure for those who are looking for it.
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This style is in the French school represented by Django Reinhart, but the violin playing sounds exactly like Steohan Grappelli. He is no longer with us, but the "hot club" style is still vibrant in Jazz. I'm sure there are many Stephan Grappelli recordings still in print.
Pretty much in the same style of Skynrds "Tuesdays Gone". If you like the ad you should enjoy "Tuesdays Gone".
This MUST be a "real" tune! Since I am home all daay I started watching more TV (Booooring!) and came across BBC America and a new to me Sci-fi program called Torchwood (connected to Dr Who). One of the shows that I watched had this as background music for a rather sad scene between a him & a her. Wasn't able to catch the episode name nor the date of original broadcast. Music was longer than the commercial too.