1. H

    Anyone know the music used in the new commercial? It shows a little red and white homemade pushcar smashed against a tree with the usual light colored dog. Thanks in advance. Best, Andy
  2. M

    Travelers Insurance "The Cat Burgler" dog

    Can anyone tell me the catchy song (female) with lyrics; "I just wanna be OK, be OK."
  3. Compudoc

    Travelers Insurance claymation

    This is fairly new commercial for Travelers. It has characters in it that resemble Claymation characters. The music is a "snappy" instrumental tune that I recognize from my younger days. I believe it was used as a "game show" theme back in the early to mid 1960s. It was out about the same...
  4. K

    Travelers Insurance "Drifters" This song is "Worries" by the artist Langhorne Slim. He is amazing and just put out a new record.
  5. K

    Travelers Insurance "Prized Possession"

    In the commercial a dog digs up a bone and takes it to a bank's safe deposit box and then goes back and gets the bone to bring it home. The song is Trouble by Ray LaMontagne available on iTunes and Amazon.
  6. T

    Travelers Insurance "No Worries"

    Hey all I was wondering if anyone knows who did the song for this commercial or at least any other musician who plays similar music. THX a bunch!!!!
  7. G

    Travelers Insurance

    I saw an ad for the travelers insurance with robots building (or handling) the umbrellas. It was on CNN around the mid to end of October, I really like to see it again by a video clip or “you tube” or some thing like that.
  8. S

    Travelers Insurance Red Umbrella

    Does anyone know the classical music used in this commercial? It is being shown on both NBC and ESPN2 in the U.S. during coverage of Wimbledon. The ad is by Travelers Insurance and features an elderly man travelling around the world with a big red umbrella, helping people in trouble (there...
  9. J

    Travelers Insurance "Risk"

    Anyone recognzie the music in the current Travelers Insurance "Risk" commcl where there is a sort of greasy white suited character called risk causing all kindsof flooding a bathroom, riding a vacuum which knocks down a bunch of the end dancing off down a city street.
  10. A

    Travelers Insurance

    Would anyone know the track (classical) playing to this short-film like ad for Travellers insurance, its been on ESPN all month, and thru World Cup matches. It's basically this soviet like place where a young boxer is training to take down the champ but the mic falls on his head the day of the...