1. D

    Florida Blue Insurance "Here For You"

    Who is the black haired girl singer in the ad for Florida Blue insurance? She reminds me of the girl pilot in "Northern Exposure" but that was 30 years ago.
  2. D

    Safeco Insurance

    Does anyone know the instrumental background music at the end of Safeco Insurance commericals with the older couple. Very hard to find. Dad
  3. estioe

    State Farm

    The song is sung by a woman, and some lyrics include "these scars" and "we will recover." It's the State Farm commercial that goes from one scene to the next of what seems like the "lives" of a family, from their wedding, to their first Christmas, and then a disaster to their home, and then...
  4. H

    Anyone know the music used in the new commercial? It shows a little red and white homemade pushcar smashed against a tree with the usual light colored dog. Thanks in advance. Best, Andy
  5. M

    Travelers Insurance "The Cat Burgler" dog

    Can anyone tell me the catchy song (female) with lyrics; "I just wanna be OK, be OK."
  6. D

    Insurance hairdresser

    Does anyone remember the ad in which a Hairdresser is on the phone laughing hysterically while a person is in the seat with foil in her hair? The Hairdresser isn't even paying attention. I believe it was for an Insurance Agency. About Customer Service. Maybe? Youtube link? Anyone?
  7. P

    Liberty Mutual "Shattered"

    I was wondering what song was used in this commercial. This song is awesome!The commercial can be viewed from this link. Please help!
  8. Compudoc

    Travelers Insurance claymation

    This is fairly new commercial for Travelers. It has characters in it that resemble Claymation characters. The music is a "snappy" instrumental tune that I recognize from my younger days. I believe it was used as a "game show" theme back in the early to mid 1960s. It was out about the same...
  9. G

    American Family Insurance

    American Family Insurance has been running new commercials which feature a horn in the background. Does anyone know if this is a trumpet with a mute or something like a flugelhorn? It's a very distinctive sounding horn. The commercial can be watched here -...
  10. J

    Allstate motorcycle insurance

    What the instrumental tune in the Allstate commercial which features motorcycle accidents? It sounds like a southern bluegrass tune. May be made just for this?
  11. F

    Aflac animated

    Hi all, There's a new Aflac commercial, animated, featuring an instrumental electronic-ish tune. Any ideas? Thanks!
  12. F

    Nationwide Insurance "The World's Greatest Spokesperson in the World"

    Anyone know the song at the end @ :55 seconds??
  13. I

    Shelter Insurance

    I have searched for months for that bluegrass styled song. A slight correction though; the ad you are seeking is a Shelter Insurance TV ad - NOT Geico. There are two versions of the ad with different dogs. Each ad however uses the same music. I even tried the iPhone app "Shazzam" to ID the song...
  14. K

    Travelers Insurance "Drifters" This song is "Worries" by the artist Langhorne Slim. He is amazing and just put out a new record.
  15. C

    DGI Direct Desjardins Insurance

    There's a sort of kitchy, peppy quick Latin Swing-like mambo/samba instrumental tune (like a cheesy Perez Prado thing... not that PP is cheesy) used in the DGIDirect commercial being played now. It's pretty infectious, a real earworm. Anybody know what it is?
  16. K

    Travelers Insurance "Prized Possession"

    In the commercial a dog digs up a bone and takes it to a bank's safe deposit box and then goes back and gets the bone to bring it home. The song is Trouble by Ray LaMontagne available on iTunes and Amazon.
  17. Z

    State Farm "Being Cool"

    Anyone know the name of the song the man is singing behind the wheel in the latest state farm commercial? It's an old school tune and I cannot remember it- Thanks
  18. K

    Erie Insurance

    Does anyone know who sings the song in this ad? It is on You Tube, but no singer is mentioned.
  19. W

    Progressive "Hotel"

    Does anyone know what this cute little tune is in the Progressive hotel commercial? It's the one with the clarinet. Thanks!
  20. farbeyond


    Hi; I just saw a commercial for Esurance that uses the song: "Lucky Today" by: Cloud Cult Get It At: