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I was wondering what song was used in this commercial. This song is awesome!The commercial can be viewed from this link. Please help!
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Yes, I was just listening to this commercial a few minutes ago and I really love the music too.. It's a very light and airy piano piece.. However, I think it's probably made for the commerical, and therefore, not available for download.. Anyone know more about it?
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Got this in my email today....

Dear Mr. Barnett:

Thank you for your inquiry regarding one of Liberty Mutual’s new television commercials. Hill Holliday, Liberty Mutual’s advertising agency of record, produced the commercial. The song featured in the commercial is an original composition scored for specifically for the ad. The song is owned by Liberty Mutual, and was written and produced by Human Worldwide.

Best regards,

Patricia English

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Google brought me here because I thought I new the person that wrote the song. Turns out I was wrong. However, if you liked that you might also like a pianist named Lane Johnston and the Album LGGJ.
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Well, it's too bad, I thought it might be a made for commercial piece.. :(

Jay, I check on Amazon for Lane Johnston but found nothing for him or the album.. Send me a link if you have one to him.. Thanks
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Actually, I was just checking the link because I was looking for the song as well.
I believe it's called Arrival of the Birds by The Cinematic Orchestra.

Good luck!
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I came here looking for info on the song because the melody sounds an awful lot like "Valerie" by Steve Winwood to me.
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Hi all,

Anyone knows the background song for 2011 Liberty Mutual ad, in which a car is smashed into pieces and then they all come back together? Here is the ad on YouTube: