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Target "Design"

Hey I heard some pretty cool music on a Target ad. It shows people handing gifts to each other as they were walking down the street. The song was electronic sounding. It had guitars in the background and bleepy type music in the foreground. No lyrics. I tried search and didn't see anything (except a different target ad) - I think this is a new commercial. I noticed all the gifts and houses and people's clothing were all red and white. And it was advertising target gift cards. I also checked on Target's website and couldn't find any listing of their ads. Let me know if you've heard of it. Thanks
Aw fudge. I was hoping to find that same music. This seems to be the only thread for this one, and nobody's posted anything on it yet. Maybe not enough people have seen the commercial yet. I think it's brand new, as I've only seen it once within this past week or so. Somebody's gotta know the answer! GRR! ARRG!
I work for Target Corporation at their Headquarters in Minneapolis. I can try to find out a contact person to ask about this commercial. Target isn't very open with their information about their ads on their website so hopefully I can find out.

Just guessing though I am thinking this piece was probably made just for Target and just for this commercial.

We'll see.

Other songs used in Target Commercials:

Roy Orbison - You Got It (one of our most used songs)
Lenny Kravitz - Where are we runnin'

Most all of Target's TV Commercials are done through this ad agency. You could call them too and ask them about the music used.

Big name musicians Target is currently working with:
Avril Lavigne
Lenny Kravitz
Ashley Simpson

I have seen this years holiday TV ads already at a meeting and they are pretty cool. Twista is featured in a kids (boys) themed ad. There is a latin group featured in an ad for the latino population (very cool and good song).
What is that song on the new Target Ad?
The lyrics say "say something new" while mirrored images of people scroll down the screen...
Did anyone see the new Target commercial that aired during the Golden Globe awards on Sunday, 1/16/05? If so, do you know the artist and title of this song? It was a female singer with lyrics something like "...all the things I had planned for you and me...tells me something new...something about you." It sounds kind of Swedish.

Thank you! The funny thing is I have that cd and have listened to it several times. I do this all the time.
Does anyone know the song played during the Target commercial that has been running recently? The commercial was about 'design', it was mostly white and showcased a lot of different products. I saw this ad alot during the Golden Globes.
I think this song also may be a remake of an 80s song.
Thanks for any help!
I'm wondering about a song on the latest round of Target commercials. It's a montage of people with graphics like "design" "create" stuff like that. I thought it was a commercial for a design company at first, for Pete's sake. Anyhow, a woman is singing, one of those folksy type singers, some of the lyrics I can make out include "say something new" "all about you". Pretty much repeated for most of it. Anyone have any idea? Thanks.
OMG! Thanks! I swear, I swear I did a search, first under "say something" and then "target" and nothing relevant came up. I'm either blind or didn't search the right area of the site. Thanks!
Anyone know the song used in the new Target commercial? A bunch of somewhat quickly changing scenes, dominantly white in color. Two words onscreen for each shot, changing with each one. Things like "Choose Design", and "Choose Color"... etc.

The song is kinda Indie-Rock sounding, with a female singing, and one of the lines at the end is "Say something new...."

Really sounded quite cool...

I have searched the archives, forums, and every search engine available here at adtunes, but I can't find the target commercial song that I'm looking for. I went to the link to the target website and found the target commercial I'm looking for. All of the commercials have titles and the commerical that has the song that I'm looking for is called "Design for all". I would really appreciate it if somone could tell me what the song is.
What's the song playing in the new Target commercial with all the weird house appliances? I think the chorus goes like "Say something new" or Save some for you" I don't know. I only saw it once or twice. Thanks for the help.