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Wow- Target sure did a fantastic job of marketing this year- I would guess there are Target marketeers reading all these posts from people looking for who does what in the music they have had.

Anyway, the 2 latest commercials have Santa in a couple of different situations- they both end up with him finding Target gift certificate cards.

The music has a heavy drum beat behind it and some stabs at an organ, similar to the sound of old Farfisa or Vox Continental organs (for you musicians out there). They also have some sleigh bells jingling away and then at the end of the commercial a swirl of synthesized strings billows up.. and then the commercial ends when it gets interesting!

Anyone know the artist?
I think that is one- some camera tricks with a couple of girls looking like tiny elves who drop off the Target gift cards- I think Mrs Claus is in that one too.

Funny- I figured because they were using obtainable music like Lene Lovich or the new recording by Rod Stewart of 'My Favorite Things' that this would be obtainable also. It sounds so familiar, but I cant put my finger on it. I know a good jingle composer will do that to you, but who knows!

Although I usually bristle at most holiday advertising (that annoying kid from the Smart and Final commercials makes me want to commit heinous crimes), but Target's has been quite clever.
I've only noticed the part of an ad with falling TARGET logos that land on Santa's outfit -- is that the same ad you're referring to?
Ok- now I looked at both ads I've been wondering about a little more closely. The one with Mrs Claus and the *other* santa ad use slightly different music- the same, yet different! The one you guys saw was actually not as catchy as the other commercial- it has Santa pacing around wondering what to give, walks by the reindeer's food dishes until he figures out the target cards. I think the music in both commercials is from the same song but different sections. The one from that last ad almost sounded sort of Stereolab-ish, but the one with Mrs Clause is a bit more ordinary. LB- I think you are probably correct- probably unobtainable and if the Mrs Clause commercial is indicative of the rest of the song, I'm not so impressed! ;-)
i'm not sure if the music is available to the public or not -- i agree, it sounds familiar, but i'm not sure if that's not just because i've heard it so many times on the ad!

try emailing target. they'll respond -- probably with a "made just for us to use in our ad" response, but it would at least answer your question!
Looking to figure out what the song may be, in the Target Giftcard commercial, in case vague, that is the commercial featuring the elves, packing up the sleigh, Santa hops along, in his Target looking Santa suit, see's the small bags, finds the giftcards, it's supposedly the Holiday gift idea. The song is kinda neat, if anyone has any information leading to the identification of this commercial tune, let me know.