Target "Design"

I was watching tv on may 5th and saw a Target commercial I had never seen. I think it was focused on the pharmacy.
The thing that struck me about it was that the music sounded like an underground San Francisco band I've been a fan of for years called The Aislers Set. Perhaps it could have been their singer, Amy Linton, gone solo. I seriously doubt it was really her, but gosh the vocals, songwriting, and arrangement were all in her trademark style.
anybody know who did that song??
thanks a lot.
I think you're talking about a newer commercial with this same catchy song from The Concretes called "Say something new"
discussed for previous spots here

Was wondering what the song was that was used in the Target commercial "Design".

The word "Design" forms acrostics with other words, like "classic" and "modern," and one iondividual goes through a tableau until that scene changes to another.

Did a search, couldn't find.

Does anyone where I can listen to the song "Say Something New" by the Concretes or view the Target commercial it's featured on?
Originally posted by rouge219@May 25 2005, 05:19 PM
Does anyone where I can listen to the song "Say Something New" by the Concretes
You can listen to an audio sample of the song here, track 1.
hey --

newbie here. does anyone know where i can DL the "say something new" song from the target commercials a while back? is it avail. on itunes?


I was wondering if someone had the name to the newest Target commercial song.

It goes something like this:

"Well, say something new
Say something new
Something new

Something you do
Something you do
Something you do..."

Its something like that.
Can anyone confirm the title/band on the Target commercials? Sounds like the Concretes...
There is a new target commercial out there. I looked at the previous posts about target commercials and its not that one. This is like some woman singing. its a slower song. If anyone knows this, please let me know (driving me nuts)
are u sure its not ... Concretes - Say Something New

because I know you said its not the Concretes... but that is what comes to mind
no, i don't think it is cause the way other ppl are describing it does not sound the same.
is it the one when u see the words target design at the beginning of the commercial and than just models modelling clothes after? That has a good song but don't know it SORRY!