1. Stargate38

    Target "More in Store"

    Anyone know who sings the cover version of More, More, More (originally by Andrea True Connection) in the recent Target commercial? It just aired on Fox, and it was sort of a dance version. If anyone could post a link to a video of the commercial, please do so, because I can't seem to find the...
  2. N

    Target "Show off, your way, Target Style"

    This Target commercial features "Soy Yo" by Bomba Estéreo. I thought maybe I should post this because it's harder (although still possible) to Shazam it, due to Target's ad partnership with Shazam - and it's also hard to Google the lyrics if you don't speak Spanish.
  3. B

    Target "Happy" Australia

    Hi guys. I'm trying to find a catchy little song called Happy, I'm So Happy, I'm Happy (not sure what it's called) that was in a Target ad back in 2007/08 in Australia. I remember seeing the film clip to the song and the band looked a bit goth with a larger lady as their lead singer. Trying...
  4. D

    Target "Cannonball"

    I know it's probably agency music, but the beat is sweet on the latest Target ad where the boy jumps in the pool. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas who made it? It's on USA Network a lot. Thanks peeps...
  5. Compudoc

    Target "Party Entertaining with Threshold"

    Target just released this commercial a few days ago, and I heard and recognized the tune. The original was done by a group called "Friend and Lover" 1967. However, the singer in the Target commercial sounds much younger UNLESS they are using a different cut of the original song. Anyone know...
  6. elusive

    Target fashion Prabal Gurung

    Hi... I've been searching for months for this song from a car commercial I've seen a few times within the last year or so. It may have been this year or possibly late 2012. I'm pretty positive it's from a car commercial. At the end of the car commercial, a guy runs after a car with a girl in...
  7. S

    Target The Everyday Collection "Matador"

    music by - Polaris(Nortec Collective) - Bostich
  8. M

    Target "REDCard Hero"

  9. R

    Target "Falling for Fall"

    Target has a new commercial with the theme "Falling for Fall". Anyone know who this artist is? A nice, moody, "autumnal" piece. A little offbeat which is why I'd like to know who does it. Mucho thanks for any help with this.
  10. M

    Target "The Shops at Target"

    the newest target ad i've seen has these lyrics: go out and paint the town red ..... ..... give a little heart give a little love .... need a little help i'll be there me and my friends google hasn't been any help yet. anyone know??
  11. G


    How about the French song on the target commercials?
  12. P

    Sounds like Regina Spektor...and the Concretes

    I want to say it was a Target ad, but I've browsed through the threads & don't see the one I am thinking of. I'm not even sure it's Regina Spektor...female voice & piano, but it sounds like her. I listened to a tons of her stuff today, but couldn't find it. Then I saw a thread which mentioned...
  13. K

    Target "Color Changes Everything" French

    The song played in the Target commercial is French. My mother talk it to me when I was a child (Many years ago). I think it is just a happy nonsense song. I never heard the words in English and I never took French. It is however stuck in my head!:D
  14. P

    Target "Santa's Running Late"

    I know the song is Carol of the Bells, but who does the version of it in this commercial? Sorry, won't embed... Thanks in advance for any help. :)
  15. R

    Target "Done"

    Any one have a clue if the christmas standard in the Target "Done" ad is available ? A+ to Lowes who posted the name and artist in their latest batch of ads! Others should follow suit, no it should be required by law! :D
  16. kit9957


    This target ad I have only heard on the radio, not on television yet but I am sure it will be soon. It is promoting their fresh grocery line, and the song sounds like Andy's Chest by Lou Reed and sounds just like lou reed but he is swinging about vegetables. I havent been able to find out...
  17. C

    Target Sabrina Soto

    In some of the new Target commercials you hear this killer drum beat and a man with a distorted voice saying something like "I'm in love". Any ideas?
  18. H

    Target "Music Teacher"

    Don't know how many people have seen this but here goes. The music teacher sits down and plays a tune and sings about all the school supplies a person can buy at Target. The tune he is playing on his keyboard seems extremely familiar. I can't place the name of the original tune. Any ideas...
  19. Y

    Target "Summer in 30 Seconds"

    Its a new Target com. its a man singing that sounds like it was from the 60's... I know there is a car in the com. but I can't remember anything else...anyone know what Im talking about?
  20. A

    Target "Virginia the Pharmacist"

    Music used over video that illustrates a bright student --Virginia-- in preparation for becoming a Target pharmacist. What is it?