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Target "Good Stuff"

Target started running a bunch of new commercials on Sunday, January 26th during prime time.

I need to know the name of a song in one of those ads.

The commercial (as usual for Target) doesn't sell anything. It features a woman blowing bubbles, but instead of bubbles, it's the Target logo. The logo falls on a woman in the city with an umbrella. There's also a woman in a field. The Target logo is prominent throughout the spot.

Lyrics: "good stuff's all around, good people. Don't let it get you down, good people"

Any help is much appreciated.
The song is actually "Good Shit" by Cornershop. I have yet to find any evidence of a clean version existing, entitled "Good Stuff," as heard in the Target ad -- more research on that one. But, the original and version heard in the ad sounds exactly the same, with the exception of the censoring. :)

Anyway, the original song can be found on Cornershop's album "When I Was Born for the 7th Time."
Hi there. I would like to know the title/artist of a song that I heard in a Target ad. I don't think its the one by Isaak Misrahi. It is sung by a man and he says something like "Good stuff's all around good people, good stuff's all around..."
Its kind of upbeat and modern. Any help would be great.

Actually, when the song was released as a single in the UK, it was renamed and redubbed as the cleaner 'Good Ship'...
"Good ship" -- :lol: that's kind of unfortunate! :lol:
There was a Target comercial with a funk style band that I'm trying to find.. I have heard many songs from them but I can't seem to remember their name. In the commercial the lyrics go something like "Don't let it get you down good people.."

They have other songs something like Candyman and 45.
The song is called "Good Stuff" which has been reworked for use in the ad (the original song, by Cornershop, is called "Good Shit"). You can read about it here.