Starburst Fruit and Creme whistling


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I'm looking for the song played during the odd little starburst commercial (where crazy stuff like a car flipping over happens). I don't even know where to email. I checked the following for a mailto link but couldn't find one:,, and Anyone happen to know off the top of their head?

I have seen this new commercial for starburst that features some people getting down to a music beat where the main sound is some whistling.

What is the name of that song ?
No. And I still have NO IDEA WHERE TO ASK. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear 'em. The song isn't particularly catchy but it isn't all that bad and I'm thinkin that if it was a full song it might have some kickin' bits. Assuming it has a full-song version.
I searched for sources of an email, but didn't come with anything. Maybe you could check out a pack of Starbursts Fruit & Cream at the grocery store and there might be a 1-800 type number you could call, or an appropriate website listed that we're not thinking of.

Worth a shot.
I'm pretty sure its "The Whislte Song" by PJ Olssonm or it could be a remix of that song :)
"The Whistle Song" by PJ Olsson (off of BEAUTIFULLY INSANE) it is. Much obliged to all who helped.

Eh. It's not bad.
does anyone know the name of the song, where the three people are walking down a street, and and they are eating startburts, and whistling?
it's a bit vague, I know, but if you have seen the commerical, you will know what I am talking about. Does anyone know?


Note: It could be


but i haven't heard it, so it could be wrong.

thanks for your time
If this is for the Fruit & Creme advert then its 'The Whistle Song' by P. J. Olssen, it is available as an MP3 from the Starburst website.

Finchy, you beat me to it! ;)
What is that song?

It starts out with some harmonized whistling (sounds like two people), which is repeated throughout the song. I didn't catch the lyrics of the song, but it was kinda relaxed (like the theme of the commercial, where those three teens are walking along, calm and cool, even when a car flips over them)

Any ideas?
The song is called 'The whistle song' by P J Olsson and is available as a download on the Starburst website.
Commercial: For Starburst, where there's chaos everywhere and 3 teens are walking and chewing starburst while doing a funny little bend backwards every so often. It ends with a guy joining them.

What's the whistling song that plays during this commercial?

The commercial starts with 3 people walking down the street past dogs a shark attack and a car crash then the music goes soething like "da da" ok so i dont know the actual sound but its like whisle nosies and they all kinda do a limbo together with the music and the commercial is for Starburst Fruit and Cream candy.

You can see it on the starburst commercial its on the website.

And just looking at it again you can download the song on the web site so i guesse i answered my own question but hey anyone who wanted to know now its called

"The Whisle Song"

;) so yeah hope I can help some one else toher than me.
Answering your own question and posting it here is always encouraged and appreciated. :) You just helped the next person who came along wanting the same info. ;)
the new one with the people walking down the street, and every once in a while they just lean back and keep walking, haha kinda random but i love the music! anyone know what it is? available on > Brand Spankin' > download PJ Olsson's "The Whistle Song" > listen while doing slightly silly walk.