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And so my dear friends. I went here houston chronicle online to look for some vehicles. and you can do this too. I searched for hondas and found that there was a 2002 honda accord for 4000 dollars. I emailed the buyer. Then I found a 2005 CRV for 4800. I emailed that buyer too. Then I found a 2002 (I think) nissan altima for like 5200 dollars. I emailed him.

the first to respond was the crv dude, here is what he said

I'm Ted Rigley, you inquired about my 2005 Honda CR-V EX AWD ( VIN: JHLRD78875C008331 ).
I apologies for the delay, I'm in the military and now I am in United Kingdom and that's why I couldn't reply in time. If you are still interested in buying it, I'm asking $4,800. It has a clean title, very well maintained, always garage kept, no rust, excellent condition, runs and sounds 100% perfect with no leaks or noises. All power and optional equipments are working perfect.I have to sell this car as fast as I can because in three weeks I will be in Iraq and I think I'll stay there for a while that's why I'm selling it so cheap. I intend to buy a new car when I'll get back home.If you want to buy the car, I can ship for free within US with one of our military airplanes so you don't have to worry about the distance.If you are interested we can use a third party escrow broker ( RiskFreeEscrow ) to secure the transaction and to handle this whole process for us. Using a reputable E-Commerce third party escrow company will secure the transaction and you will receive the car before I'll get paid and of course I'm also covered because the funds will be kept safety into the escrow account. This is the best way for me even if I'll have to pay some extra money for their services. I'll cover the broker's fee and like I've explained, the shipping will be free because I can use one of our airplanes here and I don't have to pay anything.Let me know if you are interested. You can see some pics on the following link from my personal page:
You'll love the car, I can guarantee you that!

Ok then the accord guy emailed me he said this
Sorry for the phone number listed in the ad, it was from my credit card info.
The car is still for sale. My last price is $4,000. It hasn't been involved in any accidents or incidents and it has a clear title. I haven't experienced any mechanical/electrical problems with it.
I had to relocate to United Kingdom a couple of weeks ago but the car is still in Houston. I can't drive it here and that is the only reason i am selling it. I could come there to meet you if you are a serious buyer.
Email me for any questions you may have.
Thank you,
James Ford.
P.S. : i will send you more pics and info.

Then the altima guy

Hi there
thanks for taking the time to email me about the car I'm selling. It is really a nice car, the mileage in the description is accurate, It has never been involved in an accident of any kind, and always kept in a garage and babied with the utmost care. I am the only owner and I have the clean title in hand and ready for ownership transfer. The car is in Jacksonville FL, at a friends who will take care of the transportation for me, as I have moved to the United Kingdom 3 weeks ago. I've moved here but never took the car with me as the registration fee in huge here. So the car still has an US clear title. The price I am willing to sell it for is $5,200. Also shipping is included in this price as my friend in FL works for a shipping company and can arrange a free shipping easily. In case you decide to buy the car, you must know that shipping takes 3 days from the moment it starts. I suggest we use Chron's Transactions Service to manage the payment. It is the safest way for both of us and also this will give you 7 days to inspect the car before your money is released by Chron to me. For this , I will need your full name and shipping address to start the transaction. You will receive the invoice with all instructions from . If you don't know how it works.. it is preety simple.. they will ask for a deposit, then I transport the car, if it is ok after the inspection period they give the money to me. Don't worry, in case you find the car at all not as described you get a full refund. But this will not be the case..the balance will be paid once the car has been shipped.
Or, if you have the $5,200 in your bank account, it would be easier if you would send the payment to my account and I would ship the car to you in an instant. It's your choice.
If you have any other questions feel free to ask and I will answer ASAP.

What do you think?
Blow them off. Buy a car you can see and touch and test drive. ;)
Never trust anyone.......and I mean NO ONE. (2005 Honda CRV for $4,800??). The car is worth $15,860 in "Fair" condition. So he is willing to lose $10,000? I smell a rat!!

If it sounds too good to be true or if it sounds like "The Deal of The Century", then walk away.

I do this every Saturday in Atlanta, I get all the free auto trading books and look for the best deals. I find Audi A8s and 2005 Lexus for unbelievable prices and look the other way. Because if it is a Dealer and not an individual, then something is up

I found this 2001 Lexus GS300 for like $12,000 and a Mercedes SUV for a great price (unbelievable price) and called to find out more....the Dealer said the cars have been sold already.

So I realized that sometimes they put in some unbelievable BUT FAKE deals to attract clients to call so the Dealer can show other vehicles for higher prices. These guys are professionals, just like you and me. And they want to find that 1 sucker out of 30 calls they attract.

Or if it is a real true deal, then go over the car with a fine tooth comb and have it inspected from top to bottom.....because most of the time, if the vehicle is priced @ a very low price and appears to be a great deal, something may be wrong with it. Meaning, it may have been involved in a major accident and totaled out...or even be a "Salvaged" vehicle.....and most of these vehicles will be sold AS IS.

So just beware............AND GET EVERY SINGLE THING IN WRITING.

:ph34r: I hate the crooks and thieves of the Auto Industry :ph34r:
I say, since we got their E-mail and info....lets set up a "sting" operation. It is time for action. Or track them down using static IPs or things of this nature.

Catch these monkeys in the act. :ph34r:
Another intention of those ads is to not sell the autombile at all but to establish comms with your computer for illicit purposes. Caveat emptor
I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you
Remember that song from the commercial? What was that commercial.

Yea the sting thing, my mom suggested that... but I don't know who to talk to
more than likely if you try to trace his ip address you will come up empty handed, because they are prob using a dhcp or a using a switch to give a off a ghost ip address. i know because that is what we do no one can trace our ip address, being that it is a fake ip and if you try and look up his name it is prob a fake. if you really want to nail this person or those people, then do this: if you can, email the person back and aksed for the address of where the car is located and also for a license plate #. as far as for the one which is supposedly located here is jax then i can look up the plate and investigate the address that the vehicle is supposedly at. let me know.
Setting up a "sting" operation or investigation is fairly easy to do with these "white" collar violence or force really needed and minor threats and forceful questioning are almost always enough.

Got all the right people and all the time......just send the e-mail addresses and phone #s and other pertinant info.

goldengloves88 is right about the IP tracing and such....but if you have the other info like phone #s....and e-mails....maybe it will lead to someone that we/you are able to question. It is worth a doing nothing and sitting on our hands.....lets start something with these clowns and baffoons!