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    anyone know the one that I'm talking about, where the girl says something along off "Let me impress you with my awkard dance moves" and has this catchy 80's tune in the background. I know at the end it says share something juicy
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    Starburst "Hello"

    Starburst "Hello" It's an ad for starburst that is currently playing, and it has a guy making a statue of a girl out of starburst, then going crazy and eating her face. There's a song in the background but I don't know any lyrics. It's a slow-ish old-sounding song with a guy singing. That's...
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    Starburst "Crane"

    what is the song in the old starburst commercial that they just started showing again? it has a guy and a girl sitting on a couch at a party, the girl unwraps a starburst with her tongue, and the guy folds the wrapper into a crane with his tongue.
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    Starburst Fruit and Creme whistling

    I'm looking for the song played during the odd little starburst commercial (where crazy stuff like a car flipping over happens). I don't even know where to email. I checked the following for a mailto link but couldn't find one:,, and Anyone...
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    Starburst "Butt"

    Can anyone tell me what is the name of the song in the Starburst Commercial.... I have been trying to look for that beat for so long... Thanks for any replies....