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uhh, i took down a stop sign somewhere and made small ninja stars out of it. ohh man, i'm such a wicked ninja
nope, i'm not. it was halfway broken (stop sign), so i did everyone a favour so they would replace it.. :ph34r:
Wel.. just be sure to call the people and tell em it's down, otherwise someone could get killed.
the thing was in the middle of nowhere...and i hardly see any cars drive around there.
Originally posted by dascoot@Aug 13 2005, 08:48 PM
But still. :(

I wanna see your ninja stars.
hahaha, they're so awesome...
and theyre actually sharp..
i tested them on my shed.
i already got a small cut on my fingie..JESUS!!!

hey, i'm gonna get a haircut tomorrow,
i want to do that whole mature sorta shaved-clean look...
any suggestions?
i guess you're right, but i just want to do see how it'll look.
plus, smells wants me to change my hair too...
Originally posted by ALDR123456789N@Aug 13 2005, 08:54 PM
plus, smells wants me to change my hair too...
Smells? Is that your girlfriend?
:lol: Well there was a process through which he came to that name.

I add "pants" to the end of everything, so I'd call him "Mr. Grumpypants" or "Mr. Hungrypants" or "Mr. Sleepypants" as the situation dictated.

Then one day I was mad at him and I was like "Yeah, well how's about you just shut up, Mr........ Pants!" which of course made him laugh and ruined any chance I had for winning the argument.

So since I'd called him Mr. Pants he decided to start calling me Mrs. Panties, then just shortened it.

See? It sounds slightly less retarded now, dunnit? :)
i feel really bad for ur husband.
next time, he should just take off his pants :huh:
and say, "what are you gonna do, huh? what are you gonna do?"
:lol: He'd just go get more pants. Why do you feel bad for him? :(