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Does anyone know the name of the song that played near the end of Numbers on 10-23-2009?
Numb3rs - Season 6

Does anyone know the name and artist on the music at the end of Episode 15 that aired a couple of weeks ago. Episode was titled "Growin Up".

Please and thank you!
Re: Numb3rs - Season 6

Guess I'm answering my own question.

Stumbled on to this on one of the CBS forums ... it's "New Soul" by Yael Naim in case anyone else was wondering.

Link to a video with the song below.


Hello Everyone,

I have searched everywhere (online) for the name of the song or artist of the END CREDITS song from NUMB3RS! I can find everything EXCEPT the song I am looking for! It is an instrumental and only plays for about 30 seconds while the END CREDITS are of course, it plays at the end of EVERY EPISODE and is not just recognizable to one particular episode...but I have noticed that in some of the earlier seasons, it runs a bit longer. When it finishes, the CBS logo and Ridley Scott productions graphics are shown. :cool:

I'll gladly pay for it. :) I just need to know the name of the artist or the track.

Anybody here have a clue? This is about the 6th forum I have hit today and even the guys at CBS don't seem to have a clue as what I am referring

Thanks in advance for any help that anyone might be able to give me!!
Finding this song will make me so happy. :)

TallBlonde01, Did you ever find out what the Artist/Song is? It's been bugging me for months too!