Numbers Season 2

Thanks, but I don't think that was the song that I was looking for. I think that there were a couple of different scenes so perhaps the Rufus song is in a different one. I really do think that it is a female singer in the one that I am searching for and when I looked up the words to "Vibrate," they didn't match the song that I heard. Thanks anyway. Did you Tivo the show? Do you still have access to it?
I didn't TiVo it; I'm so sorry. I'll keep searching to see if I can find any other song listings for you.
Thanks, I was just going to look for it, saved me a lot of work. Cool song.

all the songs :

Talking Heads, Once in a Lifetime (available at iTunes)
- Used as Season 1 title soundtrack with voiceover by David Krumholtz

Bosshouse Music: Male Vocal Alt Rock Series 2, Track 17, What Tomorrow Comes (not for public use, clip available to listen to here)
- Used in "Pilot," Season 1, Episode 1 (Charlie in gravity racer)

Massive Attack, Inertia Creeps (available at iTunes)
- Used in "Pilot," Season 1, Episode 1 (Charlie writing on blackboard, wearing headphones)

The Crystal Method, I Know It's You (available at iTunes)
- Used in "Pilot," Season 1, Episode 1 (FBI gathering evidence)
- Vocals by actress Milla Jovovich ("You Stupid Man")

John Cate, Sweet Mercy (avaliable at iTunes)
- Used in "Uncertainty Principle," Season 1, Episode 2 (ending dinner scene with Eppes family)

Brad Yoder, Used (available at iTunes)
- Used in "Structural Corruption," Season 1, Episode 4 (ending in restaurant with Eppes family)

Heavy Hitters, Falling (not available)
- Used in "Sabotage," Season 1, Episode 6 (end of episode, Charlie looking at Amita)

Charlie Clouser, Edgerton's theme / untitled theme music (not available to the public)
- Used in "Sniper Zero," Season 1, Episode 9 (Agent Edgerton's appearances)

Dobie Gray, Drift Away (available at iTunes)
- Used in "Judgement Call," Season 2, Episode 1 (opening murder scene)

GB featuring TECH, Techanother (not available)
- Used in "Judgement Call," Season 2, Episode 1 (Colby and David's standoff with bikers)

Atlas Plug, The Ace, The Only (available at iTunes)
- Used in "Judgement Call," Episode 2, Season 1 (bikers arrested by FBI)

Pop, Yellow Butta Sunshine (available here )
- Used in "Bettor or Worse," Season 2, Epiosde 2 (Charlie wearing earphones)
- Also used in "Veronica Mars"

Mike Datz (of Blue Man Group), Waiting So Long (not available)
- Used in "Bettor or Worse," Season 2, Episode 2 (air hockey scene)

Zero 7, In the Waiting Line (available on iTunes)
- Used in "Obsession," Season 2, Episode 3 (opening at swimming pool)

The Obscurities, All Over (not available)
- Used in "Assassin," Season 2, Episode 5

Tyrone Wells, Sea Breeze (available at iTunes)
- Used in "Toxin," Season 2, Episode 9 (after Lou Diamond Phillips line, "I have the best time with you guys" and into final scene with Larry and Eppes family)

März – The Pop Song (available at iTunes)
- Used in “Bones of Contention” Season 2, Episode 10 (near the end of the episode, scene with Larry and Charlie pondering the living past of the skull)

Prodigy, Firestarter (explicit version available at iTunes)
- Used in "Scorched," Season 2, Episode 11 (opening car lot sequence)

The Obscurities, Stop Dragging Me Down (not available)
- Used in "Scorched," Season 2, Episode 11 (unknown scene music)

Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) with Fort Minor, Remember the Name (two versions, explicit and clean, available at iTunes)
- Used in "The O.G.," Season 2, Episode 12 (opening drive-by shooting scene)

J7 D'Star, Am I Able (not available)
- Used in "The O.G.," Season 2, Episode 12 (drive-by shooting)

Lexicon, Rock (instrumental version available at iTunes, explicit version available at MSN Music)
- Used in "The O.G.," Season 2, Episode 12 (arrest sequence)

Basko, Ain't No Shame (not available)
- Used in "The O.G.," Season 2, Episode 12 (basketball game)

Sex, Money & Drugs, Mix Master G Flexx (not available)
- Used in "The O.G.," Season 2, Episode 12 (SUV drives by community center)

Hyland, Alright (not available)
- Used in "The O.G.," Season 2, Episode 12 (at end of episode)

Charlie Clouser, Margaret's untitled piano composition (available on the Numb3rs Never Lie website in the video section ~Thanks to Varekai for the info)
- Used in "Running Man", Season 2, Episode 15 (Song Don plays on the piano at the end of the episode from his mother's written songs)

The Hollies, Long Cool Woman (in a Black Dress) (available at iTunes)
- Used in “Protest,” Season 2, Episode 16 (Opening of episode)

Sevendust, Praise (They have other material available on iTunes, but not this song. A sample is available on their old record label's website. The band's official website can be found here. ~Thanks to fadedambition for the updated information)
- Used in "Mind Games", Season 2, Episode 17 (Opening of episode)

Stephanie Dosen, Oh So Beautiful (Available for listening here. Her debut album is available on itunes and MSN music, but this song doesn't appear to be on it.)
- Used in "All's Fair", Season 2, Episode 18 (Charlie and Susan's love scene)

Vaughan Penn, The Deeper I Fall (Available at iTunes)
- Used in "All's Fair", Season 2, Episode 18 (Charlie and Susan's dinner date)

The Briggs, One Shot Down (Available at iTunes.)
- Used in "Dark Matter", Season 2, Episode 19 (Cyber Cafe scene)

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Does anyone know what the song was that they played during the opening sequence of NUMB3RS (NUMBERS), from the episode called "Rampage" (4-28-6)? I can't find out anywhere. Please help! Thanks...
Tonight, toward the end of the episode, a song played that was dance but also rock sounding. It was sung by a female, and the only lyrics I could get were:

"They're gonna getcha, gonna getcha"

The tune was very catchy, but I have no clue who does it; it did sound a little like Gwen Stefani though (if that helps).

I wish I could find somewhere that lists the music from NUMB3RS. If anyone knows where a list exists, let me know.


31 Minutes into the episode they played... "The Girl From Hell" by Lee Rocker ... was that it ?
CBS is vewry stingy with their music credits but with much searching I found that has some of the music listed. Hope this is of some help.

I was wondering if anyone knew another song from the same episode of "Numb3rs" (ie, "Undercurrents"). This was the sort of acoustic song (sung by a guy) that was playing when Charlie was sitting on the beach talking to his assistant/possible girlfriend. I checked and the official site for the show but so far no luck. Can anyone help? Thanks.
Hi MB and Junebuggie,

MB: The song wasn't by Lee Rocker; it was a female artist, but thanks for trying. The song I'm looking for played after Rocker's tune.

Junebuggie: Yeah, listings are really hard to find for Numb3rs alright. Too bad, too, as they play some good music. Thanks for the link.

If anybody figures out the song, please let me know! I'm still looking.


Hi, I was watching this episode of the show where they're smuggling in asian girls, and when they went into this strip club there was this anime-like song playing. Does anyone know what it is? I can't find it! Thanks<3

This episode was on last Friday; it was a repeat. The song I'm looking for was a rap song, and it was sung by a male artist. It played as the FBI were rounding up gang members on an open warrant search.

The only lyrics I could catch were:

Rock to the rhythm,
Rock to the rhythm,
Got to give it to them
Got to give a lot
More, more, more
More than a minimum
It's a new day now
Side step right left
How I break down
Make them all sit down

I've done a lyric search with no luck. Anyone familiar with the tune?