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Numb3rs Season 3

Just wondering what the name of the techno-ish music was that was played at the beginning of the episode during the painting robbery. Thanks!
Anyone know what the the song at the beginning of this week's Numb3rs episode was? It was classical and electronica combined and rather interesting.

The track at the beginning of the episode is 21st Century Renaissance (a) by Dave Hewson/Bill Baylis. It's production music, AKA not commercially available.
Does anyone reconize the song playing in the beginning before the guy gets stabbed? The only lyrics I could make out were "...and I like it" which they repeated a few times throughout. thanks :)
Does anyone happen to know the song that was playing at the end of the Numbers episode this evening? November 17th
Oh! You beat me to it!!! I want to know this too.

Some lyrics:

"You don't have to cry" {repeated many times}

"If you feel tired...I'll come find you"

"don't say I'm half-right"

It was a male voice singing
Some of the lyrics are:
"you haven't found a place to spend your life"
"whenever you alone, i'll be there"
and ya keeps repeating " you dont have to cry, you dont have to cry,
you dont have to cry tonight"

so if ne one knows how to search for lyrics somewhere, plz do!!!
I'm looking for this song too...

I actually took the time to write down the entire lyrics that were made audible during the show. Hope this helps.

It's enough to make you cold
Realize you're getting old
You haven't found a place to spend your life.
It's enough to make you ill
Down a lonely hill
When you feel the need to cry
I'll be right by your side
Whenever you feel down
I'll come and find you.
Whenever you're along
I will be there.
You don't have to cry
Cry tonight.
Yeah, I've seen their myspace.

However, "Tonight" is not listed on there.

Is there any other website people have found where "Tonight" can be listened to?
Looking for the last song on the show --- some lyrics I think are as follows:

for a while I dont care what comes tomorrow
I had a dream the sky set on fire lyrics
I'm still looking for it now. Thanks for those additional lyrics! (The first line you wrote down).