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Numb3rs Season 2

What was the song at the end of the Numb3rs episode on Fri, 11/25/05 entitled "Toxin", playing over the conversation between the Eppes family and Larry?

sounded like Josh Kelley, maybe


Does anyone know the name of the song that played at the beginning of the numb3rs episode that was on tonight? I didn't catch any lyrics, but it was a rap song.

Was this a repeat episode or brand new? Do you know the name of the episode?
Numb3rs "Double Down"

K just wondering if anyone knows the name of that song from this weeks episode

Friday, January 13, 10PM ET/PT

"Double Down"

The FBI investigates the murder of a college math student, Alex Chernov, who was killed outside of a card club following a big win in a high stakes blackjack game.

It was some rap song and i just caught radnom lyrics from the chorus...something with "Some girls..... .... .... mind.... ... ... some girls...." lol HELP me out guys!! this song is sweet but i can't catch enough of the words to search it.

All help apriciated. it plays when were seeing the card dealer handing out cards and asking people if they wanna raise or not....
I'm doing my best to find it myself :D I Tivoed it, and I can still barely make it out
yay ^_^ find it find it find it lol..haha i love it. I have no idea what she's saying but man is it catchy to me.. haha. Check the credits at the end of the maybe not. Well hope you can hear better then me and find the lyrics and then the song.

To anyone else who's trying to help out. It's a gril who's singing vocals about "some girls" and it's like a rap//hiphop song. The chorus starts with, if not start for sure contains, the words some girls...

Sadly, they weren't in the credits. Going through it slowly, this is what I think she's saying. Everything underlined means I'm not too sure about it.

Take you picture, all up in my head
All up in my head, run a mobile through the thread
All up in my momma and I'ma wait this, 'stead of sleep
Ride da back, come on, counting sheep

Can't no Mountain keep me from climbin
Never too high, ocean never too deep, roads windin

Those last two lines are definitely right, and the rest, I can't make out


Somewhere down the line
I feel it, no mind
Feel like I'm losing my mind
But it's only a matter of time

Knowing my luck, the lyrics will turn out to be completely different :p
Does anyone know the title of the song played in the opening sequence of the gambling episode of Numb3rs (I TiVo'd it and just watched it so I am not sure which date it aired.) It is the scene in which the first guy is shown gambling in the Bicycle Club. It was a rap/hip hop song.

This is the second post I've seen on AdTunes pertaining to this song. I've checked other forums and blogs an NO ONE KNOWS the name of it! I've even emailed CBS and, of course, I've received no reply. Why is this such a tough one to come up with? I thought it was a pretty cool song and I don't even like rap music. Whoever did the song could sell a bunch of CD's if folks just knew who they were. I'm going to keep checking around and hope others do as well and if anyone comes up with it PLEASE post here! Thanks everyone and GOOD LUCK!
I can't believe NO ONE has come up with this yet! I emailed CBS but no reply- probably won't get one. If anyone does find out the name of tune / artist - PLEASE post here! Thanks and let's keep looking!!!!
There was a hip hop song used during the opening sequence of this episode...sorry, I can't remember the name of it. It was the undercover FBI agent being shot by a rival gang member. Does anyone know the name of the song or who does it?
Maybe I should have been a little more clear on what some of the words were. The artist was saying something about having 5% pride, 80% skill, etc. I heard it during the NFC championship game, too. Hope this helps.
I remember hearing this during the game too. After a little searching, I think it's a song by Fort Minor called "Remember the Name"

Hope that helps! :)
There is an infectious theme playing during the robbery at the beginning of the episode, would it be Crystal Method or else?
Does anyone know the song that played in tonight's episode of Numbers during a romantic scene with the long haired brother and his ex-girlfriend. It was about 40 minutes into the show and had a female singer and some of the words were, "It's only getting better........"
Actually, I think the song that's heard during the love scene is "Vibrate" by Rufus Wainwright.

You can hear a sample of it at Amazon: Rufus Wainwright