Numbers Season 3

It was also used in the pilot episode of CBS's "Threshold" and an episode of CBS's "Criminal Minds."
The episode was titled "Money for Nothing" and it aired May 11/07...all of the regular sites I check for TV music have nothing was a really good song and I'd also be interested in knowing who sang it...I can't remember any lyrics either - trying to track it down now... <_<
OK...was able to catch the episode on tv. com

It's a male singer...

Some lyrics:

there's nothing here
and still we try
conversations come and go
like the day goes (down?)
now I read between the lines
be no peace of mind
drifting in and out of time
like a prodigal son
Does anyone know the name of this song?

It was played in Numb3rs Season 3 Episode 2

When Crystal is watching her daughter.

I uploaded a clip on Youtube