Numbers Season 2

there was another song that episode at the very beggining when the car is driving around looking at all the gang members... does anyone know that one? i cant remember any of the words.

I've done some Googling, but I can't find this song mentioned in any NUMB3RS posts, and I can't find the lyrics.

The song is by a male rapper, and it's played when the two FBI agents drive their cart right up to Dante on the golf course.

The lyrics I caught were:

"So whatcha gonna do
Are you gonna get in
Take a ride, baby.

I ain't never seen a girl like you."

I know that's not a lot to go on, but that's all I could get. Anyone recognize the tune. And no, it's not the Zero 7 tune.

Yeah, heard this song on the ep just recently...anyone have any clues? It's a repetetive, electronic beat. It slows, then builds rhythm, and finally comes into the entire song. That's all I've got. No words, and I've checked just about everything I can think of from Crystal Method, and I've got nothing. Any help would be great.
Re: Numb3rs "Double Down"

K just wondering if anyone knows the name of that song from this weeks episode

Friday, January 13, 10PM ET/PT

"Double Down"

The FBI investigates the murder of a college math student, Alex Chernov, who was killed outside of a card club following a big win in a high stakes blackjack game.

It was some rap song and i just caught radnom lyrics from the chorus...something with "Some girls..... .... .... mind.... ... ... some girls...." lol HELP me out guys!! this song is sweet but i can't catch enough of the words to search it.

All help apriciated. it plays when were seeing the card dealer handing out cards and asking people if they wanna raise or not....

I FOUND IT!!! Been looking for it EVERYWHERE and I finally found it! YESSSS!!!

(The Baldwin Brothers feat. Sarai) - Matter Of Time

In any case, YAYYYY!!!!!! Excellent song! Love the music video, too!
Maybe I should have been a little more clear on what some of the words were. The artist was saying something about having 5% pride, 80% skill, etc. I heard it during the NFC championship game, too. Hope this helps.
"Remember the name" by Fort Minor