Nike Beautiful Day


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Last summer or the summer before, Nike briefly aired a commercial with a laid-back rap song. The lyrics included "It's a beautiful day yo, so come out and play." The visuals included shots of city streets. Google yields no matches for this song, but someone once thought it might have actually been Addidas. Any leads?
I know this is a century old thread but did anybody find any leads. I can't even find a the commercial anymore it's like it never existed. " It's a beautiful day yo, so come out and play" are the lyrics and I know it's a nike commercial.
Almost a decade later, and still looking.

Thanks Zingali, but I'm afraid that's not it. The Far East Movement's song came out in 2009.

I'm glad to see swaysome confirm that I'm not crazy.

Looking back, I feel like it had to be part of their Play campaign. The timeframe is right, and the lyrics make sense in that context. Does anyone know where I can find a comprehensive list or database of Nike commercials? I'm thinking that if I can get the video, I can Shazaam it.
Thanks. Went through every Nike ad on AdForum from 2004 and earlier. No luck. Anyone else remember this ad?