Smirnoff Cocktail/Martini


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Close-up shots of vodka swirling about glasses....

Chilled, cool cut of music playing in the background..

a male voice sings "That Girl's Goth Rhthym..."

I'm guessing its music made just for the spot, but it would be fantastic if it was actually taken from a piece of commercial music, that there might be a whole song to go with it.

Here's the info I've found.

I believe it's new, part of their global "Clearly Smirnoff" campaign.

The spot should be the one titled "Cocktail" as according to a press release the others in the series won't be airing until November.

"Martini" which features close-ups of martini glasses (which is what I thought I saw), "Blindfold" which features a vodka bottle with a black cloth wrapped about the neck, and finally a finale spot called "keys" which will be a kind of PSA on not driving home after getting toasted at the office Christmas party.

Hopefully the music for those will be just as infectious and all turn out to be released works that we can hunt down and enjoy away from vodka vibe.

Not available on the Smirnoff site yet where they're still streaming the spots from before.
its the jazzy beat in the back and the commercial asks which vodka started a revolution, dont know the song though