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Hey guys,

Does anyone know the song being played in the recent Smirnoff commercial which asks which vodka started a revolution, particularly the cocktail revolution. Its this jazz mixed song. Thanks in advance.

I too am looking for this song. The lyrics repeat "that girl's got rhythm" several times...
I've E-mailed Smirnoff on this one. I'll post if I get a reply. if not I'm switching to rum.
Keep pestering smirnoff as i will, i also want to know this song, sounds cool.
Yea ive been lookin for this song for a while
Its a nice jazz swing with a deep sultry voice
and the lyrics go somethin like

MMM, That girl's got rhythm x 3
She's a hot chick

At least in the commercial if anyone knows this one
please help us out
I HAVE THE ANSWER FOR THIS ONE, and the answer sucks

November 8, 2005

Hamilton, ON

Dear Mr. Chadwick,

Thank you for taking time to contact us regarding Smirnoff. We appreciate
hearing from our consumers, whether comments are complimentary or critical,
because your feedback is important.

We created the song with J. Walter Thompson Advertising of Canada using
local talent. Rhythm is the title that we have coined. Just that little
part on the commercial was created - it is not a full
song. Thanks for the great compliment!

Once again, thank you for contacting us regarding Smirnoff.


Katia C
Consumer Response Representative

Please enjoy our fine wines, spirits and beers responsibly - refer to
it's actually a little snippet of a song made especially for smirnoff. You can hear the original version here:

Click on "our work", "advertising", "smirnoff cocktail shaker".

I was so bummed to find out it wasn't a song I could download :eek:(
Originally posted by da professa@Oct 14 2005, 04:36 PM
I too am looking for this song. The lyrics repeat "that girl's got rhythm" several times...
The song is "Girls Got Rhythm" by AC/DC but it has been re-done by some lounge act or a producer at an Advertising Agency.

Hopefully whoever said that it was "created" by Canadian talent merely meant that their "Canadian talent" re-worked the song as both the music and lyrics are unmistakably AC/DC's song just re-worked in a loungy jazz-style with a horn section etc...

Looks like Smirnoff is claiming an Ad Agency produced the song for them...whoever "wrote" the piece clearly took the lyrics and then re-arranged the original music from AC/DC's song "Girls Got Rhythm"

...and probably hoped no one would notice...

...shameful if the ad agency and Smirnoff is claiming that it is original work...

The Lyrics do indeed repeat "The girl's got rhythm" and also (harder to hear) "She's got backseat rhythm" both lines are from AC/DC's original version

This is heard only in the version with the male singer - the version with the female singer is "boy's got rhythm" and another line that is different.